Spoof iPhone GPS in the Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game available on both Android and iOS devices. The game encourages its users to explore around to capture, train, and battle with the iconic Pokémons. If you live in a rural area then you might have trouble finding Pokémons. But, if you live in high population areas, then your chances of finding Pokémon’s and PokeStops increases. This is why you need to use a Pokémon Go GPS spoof. How to Spoof iPhone GPS in the Pokémon Go Gameplay?

The reason why people spoof their GPS location in Pokémon Go is to capture Pokémon that they would not be able to catch otherwise at the location they live. There are various special events around the world in the Pokémon Go app which can be accessed only by spoofing your GPS location.

Spoof iPhone GPS in the Pokémon Go

In case you live in a landlocked place, it will be difficult for you to find a Pokémon. Even if you live far away from the ocean or lakes, you will not be able to find water Pokémon ever. Some of the rare Pokémon can be found only under particular conditions that your location might not have.

When you spoof iPhone GPS in the Pokémon Go app, you will be able to generate Pokémon that will be associated with that new area. You will also be able to take part in special events and gym battles that will be based on the spoofed GPS location.

But mind you, if you constantly change your location to get teleported to a different location in the Pokémon Go app, then you might get your account banned by the developer. If you don’t want your account to get banned, then you need to be very careful before spoofing your GPS location. To minimize the risk of getting banned, you should spoof iPhone GPS in Pokémon Go after a few hours or maybe after a few days, just to be more realistic.

How to Spoof iPhone GPS in the Pokémon Go Gameplay

Spoofing Pokémon Go on Android is pretty much easy, but is a task when it comes to spoofing the GPS location on iOS devices. Usually, to spoof iPhone GPS in Pokémon Go Gameplay requires Jailbroken iPhone. Jailbroken iPhones provide an advantage of instantly spoofing the GPS location without worrying about spoofing the GPS location manually.

However, if you tend to use an unauthorized version of the app, or get the app from an untrusted source, your account will be detected and will be banned immediately since the developer will detect that you are using an unofficial version or a modified version of the Pokémon Go app.

To spoof iPhone GPS in Pokémon Go without jailbreak, you can make use of iTools. And to avoid any risk of getting your account banned, you can install the app on your computer rather than on your iPhone.

To spoof iPhone GPS in Pokémon Go follow the steps listed down below.

Method 1: No Jailbreak

Spoof iPhone GPS in the Pokémon Go

Step 1: Install the iTools app or software on your computer. iTools works on both the Mac operating system and Windows operating system. When installing make sure to uncheck the boxes where it asks to install additional software since you will not be needing them.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Now, launch the iTools software and click on the toolbox.

Step 4: Then, you need to select and open the Virtual Location option.

Step 5: Then, select the Developer mode and enter the fake location. Hit the Enter button.

Step 6: Now, click on the Move here option.

Step 7: Now, launch the Pokémon Go app on your iPhone device and verify that you moved to a new location.

You can now unplug your iPhone device from your computer and enjoy playing Pokémon Go on your device.

Method 2: If you have jailbroken iPhone

You can also effectively spoof iPhone GPS in Pokémon Go by using a VPN. A VPN will avoid your IP address from being identified, which means that you can hide your online activity and change your GPS location in Pokémon Go.

Using a VPN will hide your IP address from the Pokémon Go app and will protect your account from getting banned. The VPN will provide strong protection and will keep your information encrypted. To do so, follow the steps listed down below.

Step 1: Download and install the VPN on your iPhone. You can also use NordVPN.

Step 2: Visit Cydia. In case you don’t know what Cydia is, it is an app store for jailbroken iPhones. You need to download Location Spoofer from there.

Step 3: Download tsProtector to hide your iPhone’s Jailbroken status from the Pokémon Go app.

Step 4: Before changing the location in the Location Spoofer app, make sure that both tsProtector and Location Spoofer is running. Now change the location in the Location Spoofer app.

Step 5: Make sure the VPN you downloaded has the same location as your Location Spoofer app.

Step 6: Launch the Pokémon Go app.

Now, you will be able to enjoy searching for your favorite Pokémons around the world. Also, try not to change your iPhone GPS location constantly. Changing the GPS location constantly will generate a high risk of getting the account banned even though you have VPN and Location Spoofer downloaded. Try to maintain a decent gap of a few hours or a few days before changing the GPS location of your device. Doing this will make the GPS location change more realistic.


To spoof iPhone GPS in Pokémon Go you can either use VPN or iTools to have uninterrupted Pokémon Go experience and capture the rare Pokémons around the world. With these methods, you can gain access to Pokémon, Gyms, and battles that you were not able to have access to.

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