Spotify Car Thing is Now Available to All For $79.99

After trailing its dedicated music player – Car Thing for a while, Spotify is set to make the hardware available for all users in the US now.

The Spotify Car Thing is available for $79.99 and needs an active premium subscription to play music. Interested users can join the waitlist, and order when available.

Spotify’s Dedicated Music Hardware

Spotify Car Thing is Now Available to All For $79.99

For as long, Spotify has only relied on online music streaming for revenue generation. And now, it’s dipping its feet into the hardware segment, by selling a simple music player that runs on its app!

Named as the Car Thing, Spotify gave away this hardware to select users in the US in April this year. And after testing for a while, it’s now made available for everyone, both free and premium users, but for a price of $79.99.

Interested users can join the waitlist, and have them order when it’s available. The Car Thing has one simple job to do – to play a selected song or playlist within the car, and it does so by being connected to a smartphone nearby, as it uses its data connection.

The Car Thing has four physical buttons, and a touchscreen to let users navigate and manage the playlist. You can also control the device with an inbuilt voice assistant. With audio, podcasts, and news handled by Car Thing, your phone can be left to do what it’s exactly meant for.

Even after buying the Car Thing for $79.99, you need an active premium subscription (family or individual or student plan) to use the device. Considering this, the cost for playing music within your car may be high, but it’s worth it if you use the phone for multiple purposes, and leave one major job to Spotify to perform with its special hardware.

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