Spotify Recorded 195 Million Paid Subscribers in its Q3 2022 Report

After losing prominent artists and $2 billion in market value, Spotify decided to surrender to the community by making policies for moderating COVID-19 misinformation.

The platform is facing so much heat from the community, who’s aggrieved by the stance taken by Spotify against Joe Rogan’s podcast with a controversial doctor. This led many to pull down their albums, and the healthcare community to write an open letter citing concerns.

Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation

Spotify to Soon Mark COVID-19 Based Content With Advisory Labels

Over the past month, Spotify has faced the wrath of it’s community. Triggered from a podcast in December 2021, several artists have withdrawn their albums from the platform, and even investors crashed the stock to make the company lose over $2 billion in worth.

It all started with a Joe Rogan interview podcast with Dr. Robert Malone, a controversial critic who was banned from Twitter for spreading misinformation on COVID-19. Now, in the same pursuit, he said that people are being hypnotized to believe in vaccine efficacy, and hospitals supporting them receive a financial incentive by classifying deaths as being caused by Covid-19.

This podcast triggered the scientific community, as a group of 270 scientists, health care professionals, and educators have published an open letter to Spotify asking the platform to make policies to properly moderate the misinformation. And since Spotify didn’t take any significant action, two of the popular artists and a number of creators have disowned the platform.

All this led Spotify to come up with a soothing solution similar to Facebook’s in past – applying warning labels on potential misinformation content. As revealed by Spotify’s CEO yesterday, soon the platform will paste advisory labels on content that makes discussion on COVID-19.

Also, there will be a link directing people to a new COVID-19 information hub, which is crafted from the authentic sources of doctors and healthcare organizations, to make people learn the facts before trusting something. Also, there’s a new policy page set up for creators to make them realize the accountability for their content on Spotify.

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