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Apple introduced an app tracking transparency feature last year for all third-party apps. This feature prevents apps from tracking iPhone users’ data for targeted advertisements.

Many app developers criticized this app tracking transparency feature claiming that it would impact the advertisers. Facebook and its associated apps even made it compulsory for users to allow app tracking for better advertisement.

A recent report claims that games like Subway Surfer tracks user’s data even if the app tracking is disabled.

The app tracking feature was introduced last year with the release of iOS 14.5. If you are using iOS 14.5 then whenever you open a third-party app, iOS will ask you to “allow app tracking” or “don’t allow app tracking”. You can choose between these two options as per your liking. If you chose “don’t allow app tracking” then it will provide better privacy as it restricts third-party app from tracking your data and app usage.

According to the report from Washington Post, there are some games like the popular Subway Surfers which are listed in the must-play games on iOS that keep tracking user’s data even if “Ask App not to track data” is selected by the users.

The game keeps sending data relating to the user’s device and app usage to third-party advertisers. The report published claims that if you choose the “Ask app not to track” option when you open Subway Surfer in iOS 14.5 or later, the app continues sharing user’s data with Chartboost which is a third-party advertiser.

The data which the game shared with third-party advertisers are the internet addresses of your device, the volume level of the device of up to three decimal points, the battery percentage of the device of up to fifteen decimal points, and the free storage of the device. Apart from Subway Surfers, there are three other games on Apple App Store that send data to third-party advertisers.

After the revelation, the American daily send all the information to Apple about the app tracking from these games. But the iPhone maker has not taken any suitable action to stop these games from tracking the data.

The co-founder of Lockdown the company behind these revelations and an Apple former engineer claims that with these reports of the app tracking transparency feature in iOS is purposeless.

Lockdown Cofounder and Apple’s Former engineer Johnny Lin said:

“When it comes to stopping third-party trackers, App Tracking Transparency is a dud. Worse, giving users the option to tap an ‘Ask App Not To Track’ button may even give users a false sense of privacy,”

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