Summary of Xiaomi's Latest Flagship Rumors

Rumors of Xiaomi’s flagship candidates are getting stronger as the launch time approaches. What innovations will Lei Jun and colleagues be exhibiting this time?
In just a matter of days we will witness the latest cellphone debut from Xiaomi. Not just one, but maybe two flagship phones will be introduced. Both phones will be called digadang Xiaomi Mi 5s and Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus. Feel familiar? Forget it, this name is clearly not inspired by Apple. Mi 5 & Mi 5 Plus has a series of rumors that are rumored to be getting more ferocious than previous Xiaomi flagship phones, so it will no doubt make many people curious. I have gathered a number of rumors that might be useful for those of you who want to propose one, or even two of these phones.

The design
Mi 5S was originally expected to have a design that is almost similar to the Xiaomi Mi 5, but there are increasingly many rumors saying that the Mi 5s will have a little difference in design from its siblings. For example in the picture embedded below, it is said that the Mi 5s will carry a curved screen on two sides, right and left. Indeed, if you view from the leak, the design is very much different from the Mi 5, but do not panic because this could be just a prototype design. So is this the original form of Mi 5s? Yes, yes or no.

Then what about the sister Mi 5s Plus? Don’t be surprised if you will find “something” similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. OO * not code *

Kitchen Runway
How about this Mi 5s offal? What are the specifications? Relax, let’s discuss one by one. First of the use of the processor, I am pretty sure that the Xiaomi Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus will carry Snapdragon 821 made by Qualcomm, this is reinforced by the AnTuTu score which reached 160-thousands of teasers exhibited by Xiaomi itself, a fantastic number indeed and I doubt it if it is the result of an “ordinary” Snapdragon 820.

This rumor is reinforced by the existence of benchmark results with the name “Xiaomi Capricorn” found on the Geekbench site some time ago which shows the lowest clock rate of the cell phone recorded at 2.00 GHz, which if judging from the Mi 5 using Snapdragon 820, should be a number it is at 1.59 GHz. However, there are two possibilities of adherents of this codename, namely Mi 5s or Mi Note 2 / Mi Pro, both of which are Mi series and are usually coded with the name constellations. (except Mi 4i, Ferrari).

Next we will discuss how much RAM or memory the Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus will adhere to, again the rumors are quite confusing, there are two possibilities namely a combination of four and six gigabytes or four, six, and eight gigabytes. The decision is not certain, but if you think of the simple number of 8 GB for RAM on mobile phones it seems quite excessive, though not impossible either. Oh yes, what is clear regardless of the size of the memory later, most likely the memory will be LPDDR4 type according to the specifications of Qualcomm’s recommendations for using the Snapdragon 82x series. Going to the storage warehouse, the options might not be much different from Mi 5, for example 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or even 256GB, all of which have balanced probabilities and of course what is convincing is the type that uses UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 2.0.

There are not many rumors that mention changes or improvements in the camera sector on the Mi 5s & Mi 5s Plus, but there is one interesting. Dual cameras, something that has recently been hot again in the smartphone world, is none other than because there is an “influencer” who is starting to enter this realm (influencers but coming along?). Yes, the Mi 5s / Mi 5s Plus will likely bring two camera lenses to the rear body. Proof? Clear:

While imagining how this dual camera feature works, I present a snapshot of the Mi 5s / Mi 5s Plus camera lens taken from Lei Jun’s Weibo account.

This is one sector that is quite interesting, because we could have seen the first innovation in the world, namely the placement of fingerprint sensors under the screen. Rumor has it that Xiaomi will work with Qualcomm to embed Qualcomm Sense ID technology on the Mi 5s / Mi 5s Plus, which the sensor will still be able to receive input even if it is blocked by a thin material such as a cellphone windshield panel. This means we will not find any special keys typical of most fingerprint phones that have a separate design from the capacitive keypad. Let’s look forward to how the real implementation.

Rumors of specifications don’t blow out in terms of screens, it could be that the Xiaomi Mi 5s still use the 5.2-inch Full HD 1080p display of Mi 5 with a little tinkering or even be left the same, for Mi 5s Plus maybe the landscape of the screen will rise to number 5, 7 inches with Full HD 1080p resolution or maybe even 2K QHD. In terms of connectivity it looks like a 4G LTE connection with a minimum of Cat. 9 should have become an obligation in high-end mobile phones.

Availability and Prices
Both phones are rumored to be introduced on 27 September this year, aka just counting the days. Regarding the price tag, the rumor said that it would not be so significant the difference between the Mi 5 for the Mi 5s, although with a considerable increase, namely around 1999 yuan to 2699 yuan or about four to 5.2 million rupiah. The case is different for Mi 5s Plus, because it will probably inhabit the initial market price of the highest model Mi Note which reaches 2700 yuan or around more than 5.4 million rupiah. Proof of that, let’s wait for the 27th.

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