I never claim to be the developer behind any of the fantastic modifications that I talk about here on KrispiTech. In all of the tutorials that involve someone else’s work, I do my best to mention the developer who wrote it and also include a link to where they originally uploaded it to (usually XDA).

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However, I do put a lot of time into the website and I do put tutorials together that can be understood by the ‘average’ or ‘casual’ Android user. I am using Google Adsense ads on the website(I use Google’s Auto Ads platform) and I include an Amazon widget at the bottom of articles with products that should be relevant.

If you’re using Adblock Plus, or other ad blocking plugins, you probably won’t ever see these. You most likely wouldn’t ever click on a banner ad anyway and with all of the tracking that happens on the web, I really don’t blame you. If this sounds like you, then there are a number of ways that you can still support the website.

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If you are adamant about using AdBlock, and do not want to put in the whitelist(which again, I respect), then you can help out in other ways too. Whether you choose a one time donation of only a buck, or a recurring donation to help me out, it all goes back into the website so that I can pay for hosting, buy the next new smartphone, and gets me closer to working on this website full time.

I have other Android websites and experiments that you may be interested in. Play Store Sales is one of the more mature ones right now so again, even if you enable AdBlock then you can still donate for providing that service or share those app and game sales on various social media platforms. The closer I can get to work full time on my Android websites the more content I am able to deliver to you.

To each person that has donated in the past, and to everyone who donates in the future, you have my utmost gratitude and my appreciation.