Google Downsizes Fuchsia OS and Scraps Area 120 Altogether

After losing an appeal to defend itself in an anti-trust law violation, Google is now being sued by a Swedish company – PriceRunner – for its proven guilty.

An EU court has ruled out that Google favored its own price comparison service amongst others in the EU, thereby demanding a penalty of €2.42 billion in November last year. Based on this, PriceRunner is suing Google for €2.1 billion.

Violating Antitrust Laws Through Market Dominance

Almost every month, Google handles a new lawsuit from some corner of the world. The search engine giant has truly maintained market dominance in most internet products and sometimes violated this position to earn more. And this exploitation is what attracts legal penalties.

Swedish Company Sues Google For $2.4 Billion For Antitrust Law Violation

In a fresh phase, Google is facing a record penalty from the EU for violating the local antitrust laws. This was through favoring it’s own price comparison service among others, in the EU. Google was initially accused of this and was levied a fine of €2.42 billion ($2.8 billion), but the company appealed the decision.

Yet, it failed. An EU General Court has upheld the decision of penalizing Google in this case, in November last year. This now led PriceRunner, as a Sweden-based price comparison service to sue Google for taking all their profits and traffic all these years.

Talking on this, the PriceRunner CEO Mikael Lindahl said

“We are … seeking compensation for the damage Google has caused us during many years, but are also seeing this lawsuit as a fight for consumers who have suffered tremendously from Google’s infringement of the competition law for the past fourteen years and still today.”

PriceRunner is suing Google for a sum of €2.1 billion ($2.4 billion), which will keep on increasing every day until the penalty is finalized by the court.

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