T-Mobile is Offering an Unlimited Google Photos Storage at a Cheap Price

In order to lure more users in, T-Mobile is offering yet another Google perk to eligible postpaid customers.

This is to offer an add-on plan for 2TB extra Google One storage space, and unlimited original-resolution storage in Google Photos for just $15. With the original 2TB Google One plan individually costing $10/month, having this combined deal for an additional $5 is a real benefit.

T-Mobile Perks For Postpaid Customers

Being one of the major carriers in the US, T-Mobile is on a constant lookout for new customers. And the best way to lure more people in is by offering perks to those associated with them. In this pursuit, T-Mobile announced a new add-on plan for postpaid customers today.

This new plan, costing $15 a month, will offer an extra 2TB of Google One storage plus unlimited original-resolution storage space for Google Photos. This plan will be available to T-Mobile postpaid customers only, starting April 26. This offer tends to be so great, as it just costs you $10/month for having an extra 2TB Google One plan.

So paying an extra $5 a month to have this plus an unlimited Google Photos storage is an absolute lightning deal. Interested users can have a one-month free trial after signing up, when available.

This new plan adds to the exciting perks offered by T-Mobile, which includes a $10 per month discount on YouTube TV plans, and an exclusive Google One plan for it’s postpaid customers – 500GB for $5 a month.

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