BMW and T-Mobile have partnered to create history in the US, by making it the first-ever car to run with a 5G hotspot within the country.

The new BMW iX and i4 models dispatching this year will have hardware supporting this setting, where a special 5G T-Mobile plan can let you use a 5G network in your car. Also, you can avail of calls and unlimited data without your phone in the car.

First US Car With 5G Hotspot

On Wednesday, T-Mobile announced that it partnered with BMW to unveil the first-ever car in the US that has a 5G network within. This year’s BMW iX and BMW i4 models will have an eSIM within, just like the LTE option in smartwatches, that will support a 5G connectivity.

T-Mobile users who add a $20 BMW plan can avail unlimited data and calls through their BMW account in either of those above two models. This T-Mobile plan is far cheaper than what it’s offering through a standard one – $336 for the 5G device and an additional $50 per month for 100GB of data.

And this cheap $20 BMW plan is so flexible that, you can log in to any of the BMW iX and i4 models with an activated BMW account to use the T-Mobile’s 5G internet in that car. And in case you drive out of the T-Mobile’s zone, you can still manage with 200MB roaming data.

Well, this offer is applicable only for the above two BMWs driving in the US. And if you happen to drive in Canada or Mexico, you can use 5G of 4G data per month, included in the same $20 plan! And after breaching the threshold, you can still continue with the standard speed of 128kbps.

At last, T-Mobile said you can hook up to 10 devices at a time to the 5G hotspot your car offers. Besides T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T too are trying to offer similar car 5G hotspots through partnerships with Audi and GM, respectively.

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