In our new modern world where progress is took everything, starting from writing paper letters to old ways of dating, we’re confused by choices of safety. If 30 years ago you could have been robbed on the street, then now you can be robbed by just using your PC or smartphone. Not everyone knows how to protect themselves on the web when using dating sites searching for a partner or friends. That’s why most people should work on their knowledge and learn, learn, learn.

Security is a Concern of Both Parties – Dating Sites and Your Own

When you’re looking for dating sites, you should be aware that not every site is safe to use. You can face phishing attacks, personal info scams, and just people who pretend to be a partner but all they need is your money.

The first thing to keep in mind when dealing with online dating is to choose a secure platform. This means that the dating site should not only meet your requirements regarding the desired type of relationship, but also the security requirements. Trustworthy dating sites always put the safety of their users first and take steps to improve security.

Firstly, look at the URL. Secure websites have SSL encryption, and you’ll see HTTPS instead of HTTP without protection. On such online dating sites, your info will be sent to the server in encrypted form. Also, pay attention to the privacy policy, contact details, imprint or other information posted on the site for compliance with legislation and the absence of text errors. In addition, you can check the reviews to find out the experience of other singles looking for an online partner. If the site looks suspicious for any of the points, you should leave it immediately.

The second thing of using online dating site and engaging in hookup chat is not to disclose your personal information. You are involved in online dating in order to have a good time, to find a casual date or long-term love, so focus on the main thing – finding a partner whatever for a casual hookup or lasting relationships – and reject those offers that ask you for your financial data, private information and other things that are not necessary during the initial online chat.

So, it’s worth remembering some basic rules that can protect you from dating scammers posing as interested singles.

Protect Your PC from Malicious Software and Online Dating Scams

Many of us were facing such problems as blackmailing screens, unstoppable ads, problems like freezing PC, and slowing of its work. All of this can be received on websites. When looking for relationships or hookups, be careful about any links and content that is hidden within links. Before clicking on any link, you need to move your mouse cursor right on it and see where it leads.

There are way too many things that can be hidden under the link, for example, you can click on a malware link, and it will start a hidden downloading and installing. You probably will be redirected somewhere, but the real danger is the virus app installed. It may be a blackmailing software that can prevent your OS from starting, or it can be mining soft that uses your PC resources.

Also, it can be dangerous phishing links because when you’re registering on a dating site, you provide them with your email address or even phone number, name, and location. On the Internet, there is always the possibility that this data will be stolen by hackers.

To protect yourself from these, follow the next:

1) You need to have trusted antivirus. It must have a license; remember – never use any hacks because it is dangerous for your PC the same way as the links above.

2) Your firewall always should be ON. It protects your Internet connection.

3) Your common sense, never click the links in chats on hookup sites without checking them, as scams that are registered there as well (and which the security system has not yet managed to identify) will try to rob anyone in their view range.

4) You need to report all suspicious profiles to the support service of a dating site. In such a way, you can help algorithms identify new fraud schemes and ban such messages before users have time to receive them.

5) Update your software and dating application (if you are using one), because with updates, new security certificates are added to protect against new malware. Usually, licensed Windows 10 has integrated antivirus, and it is enough to protect your PC. Just make sure every option in settings is ON and the OS is regularly updated.

6)  You can install a password manager on your PC, which will allow you to more rationally approach the strength and complexity of the password.

Protect Your Smartphone When Dating Online

It is difficult for scams to profit from smartphone users because each new brand adds more protection, and the ways people can be scammed by using their smartphones are too obvious. So in most cases, those scams need more than luck to get their job done. They need your help.

If you have shared your phone number with a scam in some chat on an online dating site, you can rest assured that they will have no chance to use it somehow without your help. You probably will receive calls with personal questions from someone who pretends to be your bank manager, or messages with links, etc. If you ignore such things, you will be safe.

On the other hand, we all have apps on our mobile devices, but there is no technology yet to download and install virus apps on your smartphone unnoticeable. You will be safe if you will be using only Google Play or App Store for downloading apps. Also, you can install any free or paid versions of antiviruses for Android or iOS, but in most cases, they are useless, so just be on the lookout for unusual activity on your mobile device.

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