Telegram Adds Support For Anonymous Account Sign-Up

With a new update to it’s platform, Telegram will finally let users sign-up without a personal phone number – thus keeping their privacy intact.

Well, this comes at a cost, as users need to acquire anonymous phone numbers from a blockchain platform. Aside from these, there’s an introduction of Auto-Delete Conversations at a specified interval, revamped Storage Usage section, an expansion of Telegram Topics, etc., in this update.

Telegram v9.2 Update Features

Adding to the bunch of features it already has, Telegram will now allow users to sign-up without their personal phone numbers. Well, this forces them to buy an anonymous phone number from Fragment – a blockchain-powered platform.

This may be the price that privacy enthusiasts may pay for being anonymous. Also, users can share their profile IDs with others through a QR code, which is for temporary use. This lets others add your profile to their contacts without knowing your phone number.

And then, there’s an Auto-Delete option for deleting the whole conversations on a specified interval, coming to all users. Though we have had a self-destructing option since 2013, that’s only limited to wiping messages off the chat. This new feature wipes out the whole conversation from the list!

Further, Telegram is expanding the Topics feature to groups with 100+ members – up from the previous limit of 200 members. This would allow group admins to create certain Topics for the group users to chat separately on them – similar to WhatsApp Communities.

And lastly, there’s a revamped Storage Usage page for Android users to check how much space each of their conversations is taking up – and offering them an option to clear up all the media files to free up the storage. Premium Telegram users, on the other hand, can gain access to 10 more custom emoji packs with some supporting full-screen display effects.

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