Telegram is slightly competing with the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If you are concerned about your security and privacy then this messaging app is for you.

To compete with the big giants, Telegram is adding more new features gradually. The new update 7.1.0 brings a lot of new features for the instant messaging app. These new features include search filter, channel comments and an anonymous group admin. You have to update the app to the latest version to get all these new features.

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Search Filters:

A search filter is coming to the telegram to enhance the search feature in the app. It is a similar feature which was added in WhatsApp last month. This feature will help users to search for things according to their category. These categories include text, images, videos, links, documents and music.

The search filter can also search the text for a specific time period by just typing the date or time like yesterday. Multiple search filters can also be used at the same time to improve the search result and get better accuracy.

Anonymous Group Admin:

This feature is included to keep the identity of the group admin secret. Telegram now allows all the group admin to keep their identity secret if they want. With this group, users won’t know who is the group admin as the admin label won’t show with the group admin name. Group admins have to enable this feature in the group settings to get the things going.

Moreover, all the messages which are sent by the group anonymous group admin have the group name instead of the sender name.

Channel Comments:

This is pretty self-explanatory as now users can comment on the channel post to get the discussion going. Users also have to enable this feature from the settings by going to the “Channel Setting” and then enabling “Discussion”.

If you want to take part in the channel post discussion then it will open a small window where all the users are discussing channel posts.

Other new features include the enhanced animation for the android app. Users can see these new animations when they change the app theme or expand the keyboard.

More new animation pop-ups can be observed when users perform actions such as deleting messages, changing notifications and saving media.

Another new feature is the preview option where users can preview a chat list if they are using multiple accounts. To see the preview of the chats just tap and hold the account picture in account switcher. Messages can also be viewed with this in the group or personal chat.


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