Telegram CEO Criticises Apple For Safari's Limited Web App Functions

Citing Apple’s restrictive policies on the Safari browser, Telegram CEO blamed Apple for being undesirable for web app developers.

He specifically pointed out that the Safari browser lacks essential features for the working of web apps, that’s crippling their web Telegram experience. And he thinks Apple’s stance is to force developers to go through it’s App Store, where Apple collects a fixed tax on every transaction.

Telegram CEO Fires on Apple

Apart from being super loaded with features, Telegram is also appreciated for it’s wide availability. The platform was available on not just apps, but also in web format with full functionality. And this was triggered by Apple’s harsh stance on The App Store.

For years, Apple has been restricting the Telegram app on it’s App Store due to it’s public channels policies – where Telegram has no content restrictions. Since Apple is adamant about it’s policies, Telegram made a web version for iOS users, who can use it through any browser.

But since Apple sets Safari as the default browser, Telegram users accessing it through Safari are limited in many means. For example, web app functionality on Safari has been so restrictive that, it misses a lot of needed abilities like push notifications, VP8 and VP9 codecs, high refresh rates, and visual artifacts.

As it cripples the web Telegram experience, the platform CEO Pavel Durov has criticized Apple for it’s irresponsible stance on not developing Safari to support all these essential features. He even suspected that it’s due to a push to app developers toward it’s App Store, where Apple can collect a 30% tax on every transaction made.

Telegram last week confirmed that it’s rolling out a premium version of its platform later this month, which can be a dent if Telegram is forced to offer subscriptions only through it’s iOS app via App Store.

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