Telegram has seen a huge surge in users at the start of this year due to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. Over the past few years, Telegram has gained huge popularity and is now directly competing with WhatsApp.

Telegram always had a web app but its web app was pretty old dated and lacked many features that it’s competitors offered although its mobile app boasts many up-to-date features and is among the most downloaded app this year.

The web app also has many bugs and issues and is not in line with modern-day requirements. To counter this the social media platform Telegram has discontinued its old web app and launch not one but two new web apps.

The previous web app lacks many basic functions such as the use of stickers which is a modern-day requirement and makes communication a little bit fun. Users weren’t even able to make a video call in the previous version of the web app.

However, the new app offers not all but some of these features to fill the gap left by the previous version. The surprise is that the company has released two web apps and there is an unclear reason behind this.

If we take a look at these two apps separately then both of them look quite similar and now users will be able to send the stickers to each other during communications.

The two web apps are named Telegram WebZ and WebK, as reported by Android Headlines. Interestingly both the two apps have different developers as well but the apps have similar functionalities.

If you take a closer look at both the Telegram web apps then you will find very little difference. Such as there is an option to mute the conversation in the WebK but the WebZ lacks this feature as there is no mute button on the WebZ. The search bar which is an important feature in any social media app has a different color on both of the web apps. The WebK has a white search bar while the WebZ has a greyish search bar. But these are the very minute differences between the two, the rest of the common functionalities are the same.

The one feature which both of these web apps still lack is the ability to make a voice call. Surprisingly, WhatsApp which is the main competitor of Telegram recently launched the voice call option on its web app. So, there are chances that the voice call option is in pipeline and the telegram web app will soon get this option.

Both the web apps look similar as we talked about before. There are chats, channel list on the left side of the web apps similar to what we have seen on its mobile app. There is the search bar on the top left of the app above the list of chats and channels. On the right side is the detailed communication of the chat you open.

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