Telegram Premium Version is Coming Soon, Confirms CEO

Clearing all the rumors out there, Telegram confirmed working on a premium version of it’s platform that’ll come with some extra features.

Though these features are exclusive to paid tier, they can be viewed by the regular free users too. Aside from this, Telegram said their initial tests of privacy-focused ads in large group channels are successful, so they may roll them too. The premium version of Telegram is set to come later this month.

Telegram Premium Version

Out of all the instant messengers, we have today, Telegram is the most feature-loaded one without any doubt. Though it’s having more than what we need, few people are still thirsty for more. As they’re asking to rise the caps of it’s existing features, Telegram agreed with a plan.

And it’s to make their commercial! For all those who are asking for more, Telegram confirmed working on a premium version with features like sending large media files, animated emojis, premium stickers, etc. Though all these are exclusive to the paid tier, Telegram said free users too can view them (but just can’t use them).

The pricing of this premium tier isn’t known yet, most users may not need it unless it’s for business. Further, Telegram’s CEO said they continue to keep working on adding more features to the free version and look out for other revenue streams.

He said their experiments of privacy-focused ads in one-to-many channels have worked well, so they may be rolled out too, soon. Lastly, saying that Telegram should be powered more by users than advertisers, this paid version will be rolled out later this month.

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