Telegram is the famous and most secure instant messaging service with a user base on 400 million globally. Due to the Covid-19, demand for the video calls increase, and hence many companies step up to provide video calls.

The Telegram, which focuses on text messages is the latest company to offer one-on-one video calls. This video call service is like the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger video calls. It is not for the corporate and only targets consumers for their personal and family communication.

The news initially published on the official blog of the Telegram. In a blog, Telegram explains the need for the video calls these days.

To use this feature, Telegram user needs to tap on the profile of another user who they want to call. In the call option, they will find a video call option. They also have the option to switch between audio or video call anytime between the call.

Additionally, there is a picture-in-picture option is also available. It is for those who are on a video call and want to text someone on Telegram or scroll the feed.

Telegram is famous for its security, so End-to-End (E2E) encryption is also available for video calls.

They published a blog on their official websites which states:

“Our apps for Android and iOS have reproducible builds, so anyone can verify encryption and confirm that their app uses the exact same open-source code that we publish with each update.”

In April, Telegram hinted that they would bring a group video call for their users sometime in coming months. It isn’t a group video call, but it is the first step toward it, and they will offer group call in future. Their blogs also say:

“Video calls will receive more features and improvements in future versions, as we work toward launching group video calls in the coming months.”


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