Telegram's CEO Explained How Ads in Their Platform Work

A year after Telegram announced ads on its platform, the company introduced the Telegram Ad Platform program for advertisers last month.

This is now going live, and Telegram’s CEO clarified how it would work. He assured that Telegram won’t mine any user data for inducing targeted ads, rather use the head content to display similar ads for all. Also, it won’t show ads on private channels.

Telegram is Getting Ads Within

Telegram's CEO Explained How Ads in Their Platform Work

To date, Telegram is seen as the best alternative for WhatsApp and is much better than Facebook’s Messenger in terms of privacy and security. All this happened because the founders maintained it from their pockets, and were open-source.

But, it will not be the case in the future, as the company said it would introduce ads to cover up the maintenance costs. A year after saying so, Telegram unveiled the Telegram Ad Platform program for advertisers last month, which is going live soon.

Thus, Telegram’s CEO, Pavel Durov stepped up to explain to the community how it would work. As per him, advertisers will be allowed to display ads only on public channels with over 1,000 subscribers. So the lowkey public and private groups are safe from ad intrusions. The best thing here is the company does not compromise on users’ privacy.

Durov said they won’t mine any user data for targeted ads and display similar ads for all in the channel. To make it slightly relevant, Telegram will consider the channel’s main topic, and won’t be recording any metrics like actions after clicking the ads.

Apart from dumping such analysis, ads in Telegram won’t be accompanied by links, to take users to external sites. While it’s great for both of us (company and users), all we can do is to hope this business model works for Telegram, so we don’t see the platform taking any intrusive steps like other platforms for monetary gains.

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