Solitaire is a popular card game all over the world. Millions of people play this game on their desktops, phones, tablets, and other devices every day. Many of us started playing this game in childhood, but it requires strategy and decision-making, which makes it a perfect option for adults too. Solitaire offers a challenge to players and a nostalgic appeal that keeps us connected to it. The game was introduced years ago, and it still remains one of the most popular games.

Since solitaire was brought to our phones, the popularity of this game has soared. You can simply download the Solitaire Gold app from the Play Store and play unlimited free games on your phone. The app has enhanced the experience by adding a multiplayer aspect to this amazing game. So now you can compete with other players in real-time and even compete in leagues and tournaments. If you have played solitaire since childhood, now is the time to use your skills and win games.

Solitaire is a skill-based game and with practice, you will get better. Using the right strategies will boost your chances of winning. So if you want to beat your opponents in this game, here are some of the best strategies you can use.

Use Your Observation Skills

In a solitaire card game, you will have to use several skills, but the most important one is observation. Before making your move, you should strategize and think ahead. When you move a card, several options will open up, thus you should think about the outcome before making your move. The best way to do this is by giving yourself a couple of seconds to scan the tableau.

Sometimes, there is a better option that you might be missing. If you feel stuck during the game, just take a deep breath and observe the piles. It will help you get out of the block. Observation is one of the most crucial skills in solitaire, and quick observation is what separates expert players from average players.

Be Quick in a Time-based Game

Many online solitaire apps give you a limited time to solve the game, and the player who does it first will be declared the winner. But there is another aspect to it. Let’s say you get 5 minutes to complete the game, but you only complete it in 4 minutes. The seconds that are left will be added to your score as a “time bonus”.

It will automatically take your score up and maximize your chances of winning. So if you are playing a match on a mobile app, completing it quickly will help you claim the time bonus and beat your opponents. This is why you should be quick and try to complete the game in the shortest time possible.

Color-code Your Moves

This is another important trick that many amateur players ignore. If you already have a black king, and you fill an empty spot with another black king, the chances of being stuck will be higher. The color of the king dictates the color of the pile.

This is why you should try to mix and match them to ensure you can sort maximum cards. So if you already have a pile with a black king, try to aim for a red king, which will help you sort cards into these piles and maximize your chances of winning the game.

Build Stacks from Similar Suits

This trick will help you a lot in the solitaire game. If you create stacks from similar suits, liberating a stuck card will become easier. The cards will be easily sorted onto the foundation piles, and less time will be wasted.

However, this strategy will only work if you practice it throughout the game. So when you are building stacks, make sure you create stacks of similar suits. It will also ease the process of moving these stacks around and revealing face-down cards, and help you save time at the end of the game.

Stay Unpredictable

If you are playing against a player, you should try staying unpredictable. So if your primary strategy is to reveal face-down cards, you should change mid-game and start clearing the stockpile. Staying on one strategy for too long may increase your chances of getting stuck.

If you focus too much on moving cards in the tableau, you may miss critical cards from the stockpile. This is why you should keep changing your strategy, so you can take advantage of all the cards and complete the game quickly.

Remember the Golden Rule

This isn’t a strategy, but an unsaid rule of solitaire games. Every player must be aware of this and use it in the game. If you are in a situation where you need to choose between picking a card from the stockpile or turning over a face-down card, you should always choose the latter option.

The more face-down cards you reveal, the better your chances will be of winning the game. This is a rule that you should always remember and follow. It will not only help you finish your game quickly but improve your winning chances as well.

Use Your KIngs Cautiously

Kings are one of the main cards in the game. Since empty spaces can only be filled with a king, you need to pay special attention to these cards. Try to save a spot for a king, and fill it as soon as you get a king. It will give you a lot of options and help you complete the game a lot faster.

However, one thing you must remember is that you should not empty a spot if you don’t have a king in hand. It will only reduce your chances of creating a pile, and the space will be blocked until you get a king.


Solitaire is one of the most popular games in the world. The different variants make it even more interesting for players. You can choose from classics such as Klondike and Spider, and even play lesser-known versions such as Forty Thieves. Each variant of this game is unique and keeps the players engaged.

If you are just starting your solitaire journey, Klondike will be the best version for you. These tips will definitely help you improve your game and beat your opponents in competitive matches. Try to understand them and use them correctly in the game. Are you ready to brush up on your skills? Download the app and start playing today!

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