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ESO or The Elder Scrolls Online is among the most exciting multi-player open-world (MMO) games available now. Here, you can choose a character class and dip yourself into a prolonged adventure. It is going to get pretty challenging to review this one now. Bethesda Softworks is making an innovative graphical engine for this game. But, version VI of The Elders Scrolls does not exist, and the release date is also not close. Since it’s release in 2014, this game has proved to be one of the most assorted games.

While some people have lost many hours on the online RPG, many have wondered if the resources spent on the game would have been better expended on an appropriate single-player Elders scroll game. However, many of us have heard about the growth of the MMO in the last few years. We are preparing ourselves to enter into a dry and long release schedule that will leave many gamers searching for a huge new game to lose themselves in. It is now the best time to look for why you must or must not start playing The Elders Scrolls Online game.

World design, soundtrack, and graphics

Though the Elder Scrolls Online is never going to replace the huge Elder Scrolls 6 in your life, it is worth mentioning that this MMO definitely nails every presentation element that has assisted in setting the franchise apart traditionally. Because of the recent expansions of the ESO, the world of Tamriel has been expanded in various ways that even the most famous single-player games of Elder scrolls could never have achieved.

This game is going to attract you if the idea of revisiting the worlds of Morrowind, Skyrim, and Oblivion in an innovative way particularly excites you. But, the Elder Scrolls Online is much more than just walking down the memory lane. Certainly, ESO will let you appreciate the worldbuilding of the Elderly Scroll and help you gain insight in a manner that is not always possible to perform while you are exploring small parts of the universe divided between the adventures of multiple single players.

Additionally, the presentation values of the ESO are the best that you are going to find in an MMO. Some best MMOs have managed to establish their reputation without the assistance of expansive voice acting or advanced graphics. ESO is treated as an actual Elder Scroll game because of it’s presentation, which helps sell the idea that this is a part of a wonderful series like the core Elder scroll games.

Features the best stories in the history of MMO

Though the story of The Elder Scrolls Online is not as great as Final Fantasy 14, it is quite better in comparison to the other games. The narrative brilliance of ESO is found in it’s side quests. The MMO characterizes a huge archiving narrative. The quality of the smaller stories you encounter sells the scope of our game journey. Titles like ESO help you appreciate the manner that an MMORPG can garb you that will move beyond the social obligations and grind that the Bethesda genre is associated with.

Brilliant quests

If you are burnt by the rest of the MMOs that depend on the questing systems that hardly rise above the busywork level, you must be aware that the questioning system of The Elder Scrolls Online is in it’s own league. At the time of your ESO adventure, you can run into variations occasionally like “collect X things” or “kill x monsters”. But, most of the quests that are important are not just some series of screens that you will skip through for finally claiming your rewards but they are like actual RPG questlines.

Though not all the quests available in the game are worthy of being ranked among the best quests of Elder Scrolls ever, you will never stop being astounded by the way in which the compelling quests are being packed into such a huge adventure. It is really energizing to play an MMO where you go through an experience that you receive from the quests that cannot be measured by the XP bar of the characters.

The game permits you to enjoy the content in various ways. Along with the excellent raids and dungeons of the game, these quests are a huge part of the reason that ESO is considered one of the top PvE MMO games available on the market.

Ideal MMO for the solo players

One of the main reasons that the fans of Elder Scrolls have not given a shot to the Elder Scrolls Online is mainly because of the fact that most of them prefer playing Elder Scrolls all by themselves. Indeed, it is worth repeating that ESO must not be considered The Elder Scrolls 6’s ongoing version, but it delivers the best experience of solo play available in any MMO. ESO is so much built around questioning, leveling, and storytelling. So, the one who wishes to play the game all by themselves is not really going to miss out on the best feature.

ZeniMax Online Developer has got various ways to help you play through this game by yourself by not feeling that you are scratching the real game’s surface. ESO is not the single-player game of Elder Scrolls having the option of multi-player, which some fans hoped for. But, it is indeed closer to the mark that was possible years before.

Best gear systems and character building

No MMOs are perfectly balanced, but Elder Scrolls Online is doing a remarkable job of making various class builds feel practical. The equipment systems and characters of the game are the best that you will find in an MMO. You can enjoy most parts of the ESO all by yourself, so the game feels balanced when you can tackle so much experience alone. It is quite easy to pick the build/class that will interest you rather than worrying about the optimization.

It is also worth mentioning that the gear system of the ESO manages quite well so as to avoid the annoyances that you can find in other games. ESO is among the few MMO games genuinely offering various viable options, particularly when you have to gear instead of a series of progressively sturdier loot that you are most likely to equip. Sometimes, The Elder Scrolls Online struggles to get the most out of the build options, but the gear systems of the game are simply fantastic.

Best console MMORPG

ESO is doing a pretty good job of making the console players feel that they are playing something more than a port of a game on PC that is “good enough”. On a controller, ESO works surprisingly well. ESO is striving to deliver a closer experience like a traditional single-player RPG. It is pretty easy to enjoy the game sitting on a couch in play sessions that are short.

Actually, anyone having a Game Pass and An Xbox subscription does not have any valid reason to not give ESO at least a shot. It is certainly the best experience of MMO that you can find on the platform, at least until The Final Fantasy 14 is ported to the consoles of Microsoft.

Pretty bad combat

The combat of ESO is a huge turn-off for many people. It seems like the combat of ESO was designed for making the transition from an Elder Scrolls game’s single-player to an MMO that is less jarring. But in this area, the game is struggling to locate its footing in the strange middle ground. Most of the ESO classes are very much dependent on some important abilities that are quite easy to spam and do not provide enough space for a feeling of mastery or creativity.

None of the elder scrolls games were ever famous for their good combat, but Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind do a much better job of translating your character’s growth into an improved combat option than ESO is doing. It is pretty easy to lose yourself in the combat loop of ESO, but the disadvantages of diving into the combat of ESO become apparent when you have started to look for deeper waters for exploring.

Not a good MMO for the PvP fans

The PvP of ESO is not terrible, but it can be called a strange beast. At it’s best also, it inclines to be a messy playground where spamming skill strategies and the animation problems of the game feel oppressive particularly. At it’s worst, the PvP of ESO has suffered from distinguished balance issues that are known to raise the high PvR skill floor of the game to a level that only some selected people bother to reach.

This issue contributes to a toxic PvR environment that is tough to put up than the more welcoming PvE options of the game. Certainly. The PvP of ESO has fans, but historically it is really difficult to recommend ESO to someone who is interested in battling other players, primarily in an MMO.

Sometimes too much accommodating

ESO is very much interested in convincing people to play who are not interested in MMOs usually and tries to prove that it is somewhat close to an Elder Scrolls’ single-player game. Moreover, Elder Scrolls Online is not much interested in finding it’s own identity. Nearly all welcoming features in ESO have a trade-off. You can explore the world like you love, which makes elements of it’s PvE and storytelling challenge feel disjointed. The combat is accessible, but it will hardly feel like it is growing with your gear and character. It is pretty easy to solo the ESO game, which means the socializing and group content feels like afterthoughts.

Concluding thoughts/ Is ESO worth playing?

If you have an option to play The Elders Scrolls Online for free, then there is no reason not to give it a shot. Though the game has issues, there are enough happening in this game to make it one of a kind that is quite easy to lose some hours in the mid of a dry release schedule. Good things During the launch of the game, The Elders Scrolls Online was full of negative reviews mainly because of it’s greedy system of monthly subscriptions, bad animations, inconsistencies, lag issues, bags, lousy quality, and overall inconsistency. But these are not true anymore.

It has improved a lot after it’s launch, and the latest version is a pretty quality game. If you had tried that game back in 2014 and found it to be not the MMO that you were looking for and not the game of Elder Scrolls that you wanted to play, you will noticeably find the overall experience much better in both the aspects.

Still, in a lot of ways, ESO has remained a game without any country. It seems that the developers wished it to be like a faster-paced MMO like Destiny, but the combat of ESO was never really good so that it can hook you in the manner that Destiny can offer. Actually, ESO has improved upon some worst features in the rest of the MMOs, but weirdly, it always feels very scared to hold that side of itself. It can offer a far more significant MMO experience catering to those willing to invest many hours of their gameplay into it.

Now, if you are playing on a podium where there is currently not an option for you to play Final Fantasy 14, then you must definitely give ESO a try. Undoubtedly at this moment, it can be said that it is pretty much better than the “New World”. Moreover, in every aspect, it has much less baggage than “WoW”. The Elders Scrolls Online is quite a good game that is in search of identity and greatness, going beyond the burdens and opportunities that are afforded by it’s well-known franchise name.

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