The IPhone 6 Plus Review, Features and Specs

Underneath we’ll get into a smartphone review. The IPhone 6 Plus Review, Features and Specs. iPhone 6 Plus: Bigger, but Better?


A nearly-complete redesign with a much bigger screen size, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus became the talk of the town as soon as it hit the market in 2014. In one’s first look, this 5.5″ smartphone might leave the person confused and wondering whether or not it is really an iPhone. The standard rules and criteria for a product to be called an iPhone have been sidelined to a large extent for this device and it, undoubtedly, comes across as a deviation from Apple’s usual.

It, in fact, appears to be more of an attempt to catch up with the expanding market of bigger phones than a device born out of innovation. Although it is significantly uncomfortable to hold, especially for regular iPhone users who are used to pocket-size phones, iPhone 6 Plus, at the same time, also offers a multitude of features which make it worthy of an applause.

The IPhone 6 Plus Review, Features and Specs

1. DISPLAY: It comes with an HD 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution at 401 ppi, which is impressive, if seen against the iPhone 6. As far as brightness and clarity are concerned, these are taken care of by the advanced IPS technology and the 1300:1 contrast ratio. So, overall, it provides the user with quality visual experience.


2. CAMERA: The sleek design and well balanced weight according to its size make for a comfortable experience of taking photos with this smartphone. Its 8 megapixel iSight camera with optical image stabilization eliminates the user’s worry regarding shaky hands or little vibrations. Other features that it has in common with the iPhone 6 include exposure control, face detection, five-element lens, burst mode and others.

The IPhone 6 Plus Review, Features and Specs


The IPhone 6 Plus Review, Features and Specs

3. PERFORMANCE: The iPhone 6 Plus derives power from its 1.39GHz dual-core A8 processor with 64-bit architecture and 1 GB RAM. Therefore, it is exceedingly fast with a good battery life, offering a standby time of up to 16 days and a talk time of up to 24 hours on 3G.


4. OTHER FEATURES-Powered by iOS 9, the smartphone has a variety of sensors like Touch ID, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor etc. -It comes in two color variants: Silver and Space Grey and in 16GB and 64 GB options.-Auto HDR for photos and videos, cinematic video stabilization.-Dual domain pixels for wide angle viewing, display zoom, photo geotagging and timer mode.-A number of environment friendly features like Mercury-free LED Backlit display, arsenic-free display glass etc.


All in all, it may be said that the iPhone 6 Plus comes with its own positive traits as well as drawbacks. On one hand, it is a huge but attractive looking smartphone and is easily one of the most visually appealing phablets in the market. On the other, it is more or less identical to the iPhone 6 in most ways except its size and needless to mention, the price range.

Therefore, it all depends on what the customer is looking for: if he is in search of a typical iPhone with a not-so giant size, then iPhone 6 Plus makes for a weak prospect, but if he’s looking for an all-in-one Apple product that serves as a smartphone, tablet, video camera and a gaming console, then iPhone 6 Plus is, most definitely, the go-to device.



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