The popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is continuously adding new features every month that makes the app experience more useful and pleasant. There are more than 2 billion monthly active users on the app that sends around 100 billion monthly messages. Most features that we discussed here are already hinted at by the platform.

WhatsApp initially test all the new features in the beta version of its Android and iOS app before officially rolling out for everyone. Many of the features discussed below are already present in the Beta version of the app or available for limited users but are not available for everyone. These upcoming features are very useful and make the app usability more pleasant.

Here is the list of some of the expected upcoming WhatsApp features in 2022:

WhatsApp Multi-Device support for everyone:

Multi-device support has been available for beta users on both iOS and Android but is not yet available for everyone globally. A meta-owned instant messaging platform is expected to roll out this feature for every user on the platform. This feature is very helpful if you use the app on multiple devices. Users can use the app on other devices even if their primary device is not connected to the internet. It will also allow users to use the app on up to four devices at the same time.

Disappearing messages: More time options

Disappearing messages is an interesting feature initially introduced by Snapchat. WhatsApp introduced this feature this year for all of its users. At the moment, the app offers three-time limits for the messages to disappear i.e. 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days. Users can send disappearing messages to others once this feature is enabled. Meaning the message will automatically be deleted after the specified time limit which is set by the sender.

Now there are reports that the app will remove these specified time limits and allow users to set their own time limit for the message to disappear. This feature is also available for the few beta testers for testing and will roll out for everyone sometime in 2022.

WhatsApp logout option:

Just like other social media platforms, WhatsApp didn’t offer a logout option as of yet but this might change in 2022. Right now, there is a delete account option in the app instead of logout. If users want to take a break from the app, then they need to uninstall it or they have to delete their account. If users delete the account, then they lose all of their data including photos, videos, documents, and chats. If they uninstall the app then they have to take a complete chat backup to make sure that their account data will remain there when they install the app again.

This is about to change as WhatsApp is working on the logout option within the app. This works like the logout feature on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If users want to take a break from WhatsApp and don’t want to use the app, they can simply log them out from the app. After logging out of the app they won’t receive any new notifications from the app.

Integrating Instagram reels:

Meta (formally Facebook) is trying hard to integrate all of its social media apps into one another. This includes integrating Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram with each other. There are news and rumors that in 2022 Meta might integrate WhatsApp with the Instagram reel which is a clone of hugely popular TikTok. With this Integration, users can view Instagram reel videos directly from WhatsApp.

Option to hide last seen from specific contact:

This feature has been in the news during the past week as the app included it in the beta version for testing. The platform is making its app more secure to protect the privacy of its users.

Currently, WhatsApp offers three options to hide their profile picture and last seen status. These are everybody, nobody, and my contact.

Now the app is working to add another feature that will let users hide their profile picture and last seen status from specific persons as well as from strangers.

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