Minecraft Survival

To start an innovative adventure in Minecraft comes with various uncertainties. Will you like the world’s seed? Would you near or build away the spawn area? What is the best place for building a base? Whatever may be the case, you will be required to make various decisions when you work towards building your base. While you are first beginning out, you won’t have much at your clearance. Everyone is in love with a high-end wizard tower made with rare materials which will take you several hours to gather, but you will be able to come up with a few near starters and some catchy constructions with the use of only the essentials.

The latest version of Minecraft brought various innovative features to the game. The notable among these was the selection of the new biomes, everything of them overflowing with potential for useful and cool things to build. While searching for some aesthetically pleasing but simple builds for settling into the new environments, you need not look any further. We have provided the list with some entries to provide you with the building inspiration and ideas you will require to build in Minecraft survival.

Things you may build in Minecraft

Secret Storage Basement:

This is the best thing you may consider building in Minecraft. The secret basement will act as your own secret hideout to be used as storage for your most treasured belongings. However, this will require particular materials and some level of skills. As you progress through survival, you can craft more exclusive block types that may supplement your base. This survival basement containing a secret passage is a great way to spend your valuable resources. Though this project is fairly extensive, it is not impossible to achieve. You may lay it’s foundations and have your own decorations for it.

Add a fountain:

If your town or garden seems a bit bland, you may opt for this to bring out our backyard’s beauty. The beautifully designed water fountain perfectly fits within most settlement-oriented buildings, particularly the large-scale towns. Building projects like this may prove exhaustingly long, but to build something totally out of water and stone is going to be a nice alteration of pace from having to gather various unique types of resources. If your base is rather big, you can try a giant fountain that matches the aesthetics or opt for multiple smaller fountains around your house too. Your fountain is surely going to be worth the time you give to it.

Build a garden:

Garden is the most overlooked element that might be incorporated into all the houses you build. In Minecraft, the garden is an emphasizing feature that can enhance your house’s aesthetics. It can also be a wonderful reason to gather different flowers and plants you encounter. Also, you need to check if the size of your garden permits the trees and saplings found in different biomes. This idea can be taken a step forward by making an enormous garden to walk by, acting as a park or flower show for you to relax and enjoy.

Immersive Horse Stable:

Minecraft’s overhaul will leave you wanting to travel for several blocks simultaneously to sell all the new biomes. To do that with a horse is the best way to do so. You might wish to provide your trusty stallion with a suitable stable for staying back home to keep it safe from the mobs.

Build Farms:

The farms are quite important in Minecraft while you play long-term. The best way to receive a steady and nice supply of sustenance in Minecraft is to set up a farm nearby your base. To do this, players need to devise unbelievably creative ways and make the most complex builds that exploit the belongings of Redstone. You may build farms for various items that you require for grinding. For example, you may use villagers and then set up an iron farm to get infinite iron while you need to put effort into receiving a ton of iron. As per your need, you may build a pristine farm, fish farm, ender pearl farm, gunpowder farm, XP farm, etc. You must keep one thing in mind: building a farm might take some levels of knowledge regarding the blocks, mobs, and items, and at times Redstone might take some time. You might achieve with less time and very little Redstone.

Build a castle:

Castles are a great spectacle when performed right, and be comparatively easy to put together when you plan the design well ahead of time. Start by arranging the floor plan and the perimeter wall surrounding your castle. You can add a drawbridge and a moat for an additional sense of flair. As per the angle of fantasy that you aim for will dictate the blocks you use, decoration aesthetics, and color schemes. The more forethought you provide to a build, the better it will turn out. More likely you follow through, you will have the determination to complete it.

Make the sleeping look cool:

All players undoubtedly need to craft a bed. Definitely, you can go for a white one and give up, but if you wish to spice up the decor of your home or furniture, then you can go for a cool version. Have you any idea? before that you can achieve incredibly faithful bunk beds with the help of trapdoors and barrels. You can be creative with some interesting blocks combination which are quite easy to come by in the survival mode. Literally, Minecraft is built on some lesser-known mechanics and facts that are extremely fun to explore. You can build something incredibly easy to achieve.

Overhaul your outdoor area:

To build a perfect base is quite a daunting task which often takes many days of work in the world of survival. While you look at your complete creation, you may think about the surroundings looking a bit barren compared to the detailed build you have just finished. There are various small projects that you might individually tackle at your own pace.

Fast winter cabin:

It is quite difficult to come up with natural yet simple builds, but you can go for a quick and affordable one. The overall aesthetics can be in tune with the adjacent spruce forest. If you wish to build a big home in another biome, you may come back here and utilize it as a hunting hut. This build is quite versatile, and you may achieve it anywhere without the requirement of super rare blocks.

Built a city:

Why would anyone opt for just only a house while you will be able to develop a total city in your world? A vast number of items can be used in the game to make a city that you know the best. The city you build will include bridges, rivers, tarmac roads, parks, trees, cars, skyscrapers, and much more. To build a city in Minecraft needs enormous resources. You may switch to Creative mode and then start your build. Moreover, you may also call your friends and then work together.

Build a rail system:

Rails are a great way of traveling from one area to other in Minecraft. When you have a huge world with farms and other structures scattered all over, you may set up power rails all over and build a train system. You may also opt to build a subway system and dig a tunnel if you do not want the rails to move universally in the overworld. It is hidden, and you can go everywhere faster than other modes.

Forest Bridge:

A wonderful creation is a small bridge that needs wood, stone, and a trivial quantity of iron when you prefer lanterns over torches. The floor of this construction is particularly good-looking because it is made from dim campfires. This is a surprising way of making a unique wooden pattern. The bridge will fit perfectly between the two riverbanks with many trees, which facilitates the process of wood gathering. If you gather the materials listed beforehand, building the forest bridge will take hardly 10 minutes.

The simple survival house:

The wonderful wooden house is quite simple to build because it will need the type of wood and stone, both being an easy option. If you spawn in a snowy tundra or a desert, it will be best to go to the forest or try a different build. Try to find a place that is situated close to the sea, has a meadow, and build a magnificent house that is made out of logs. You may add animals and farms to the house for a more realistic approach.


Treehouses are a great way to spice up your lifestyle in Minecraft. While you may incorporate a tree into your home in any biome, the best choice is the Jungle biome. This is simply because of the height you can produce without any limitation or obstruction. Whether you are going for an interconnect huts series or an inconspicuous shack, there are various Treehouse ideas for getting you started on your innovative high in the sky.

Build an obstacle course: As you have finished your game, you may also invest your time in building a huge obstacle course so that you, along with your friends, can run all across the world parkouring around. Furthermore, you can also use the recent features from the latest updates like the drip leaves to make the course of an obstacle even harder. When you ask your friends to join your world, you can have a run. You can time one another; whoever finishes the course fast wins.

Pixel art:

To stick with the idea of pieces of art on display, the thing that is totally plausible for all the Minecraft players, irrespective of skill level, is pixel art. The blocky art style based on pixels of default Minecraft advances itself quite excellently to projects like this. Be it a spicy meme or a shot from your beloved film, or your favorite anime character. The sole limit is your imagination.


Be it small or large, an aquarium always becomes a great draw of attention, conveying people from wide and far to view marine creatures and exotic fish. In Minecraft, there is an ever-expanding list of water-dwelling mobs. It is the best time to work on building an aquarium all by yourself of your own. There are limitless options, from a small tank in your home to a big one. When you cross the threshold of more endgame content, you can explore the underwater areas comfortably. Only then can you have more opportunities to meet and then catch different fishes that you will be able to add as your recent exhibit on display.

Build Giant Statues:

Statues are the best things you can build in Minecraft. You may create a huge ender dragon statue to remember when you fought the actual one. You can also build a statue of Wither in the field where your battle took place with the Wither. You can also opt for a huge figure of yourself. Whatever you are building in, you should grind a lot and invest some time so that your statue turns out to be a magnificent one.

Build your Mineshaft: A question that might strike your mind, why would you build a Mineshaft while the game already consists of various things yet to be explored? You may make a mineshaft to cover the caves and long areas so you can move through the mine and tunnels whenever you wish. Moreover, you could also build the Mineshaft ancient-looking and rugged with properly working rails.

Build Beacons:

It is pretty easy to build Beacons when you have the Nether Star and every resource at hand. But when you don’t possess these, you might need to put a bit of effort and fight some Withers to receive the materials. To build Beacons, farms might be of great help. When there are already beacons all over your base, we would recommend you to move an extra mile to build multiple beacons with the use of items like Diamonds or Emeralds, or even Netherite.

Build unique portals:

The normal portals might seem a bit bland while you wish to focus on building a world that looks more beautiful. Portals work when you position obsidian in at least two by three blocks. You will be able to make them bigger, and still, they will work fine. So, you will be able to build unique designs like a giant sword in the ground, or you may make it look like a tear in the stuff of reality. The choice is all yours.

Watch tower:

To keep a viewpoint for your base, watchtowers are a handy option. Whether an army of zombies crawls toward you or creepers creep up in your room, you will be able to take advantage of your watchtower to kill your enemies using arrows and a bow. Watchtowers may be magnificent and simple based on how you are building them. If you add a bit of creativity, you can make your watchtower eye-catching and unique.

Japanese style house:

You may be a fan of the culture of Japanese, then you would surely love to build a house of Japanese style in your Minecraft world. Japan’s elegant style of architecture will for sure capture everyone’s heart. Your friends are also going to love such houses. For the designs, you might explore the internet to discover the one you prefer and then work on it as per the blueprints.

Floating Island:

The mechanics of Minecraft make building a floating island quite an easy task in the game. You will be able to make a pillar from the bottom to the height that you wish your island to be and then start building it. When you are motivated enough, you might create a huge floating island with a crumbling city, providing it with a post-apocalypse aura. If you are not sure about the post-apocalyptic island, you can build a regular city that floats above the ground. You might even go for a smaller floating island to provide your world with a more magical and alchemist feel.


As a standalone build or a good accessory to the castle based on the scale, building a seaworthy vessel may be both a fulfilling as well as challenging experience. Because of the limitations of Minecraft, a boat has much fewer functionalities than the rest of the structures. However, building a boat as your headquarters might reinvigorate your playthrough if you wish to have a home base that is not just a box.


A library is a build that is particularly easy to assemble when you are in Creative because it may be small or big as per your wish. All you will need is the building’s outer shell, designed and shaped by your wish, along with an absurd quantity of Bookshelf blocks. Consider creating Belle’s library from the tale Beauty and the Beast or even the shabby Hogwarts library if you want to create a jump in the fiction. If you wish to stretch your creative abilities, you can build the Jedi archives.

Spawn Point Shine:

While you own a server or play Minecraft in multiplayer mode, the best way to welcome the new players in your game is to make a wonderful Spawn Point shrine. Structures can be created which look magical and then set as the spawn point. Whenever a player tries to join your game, they get mesmerized by the wonderful edifice surrounding them. Moreover, the players who die by not being able to set the respawn point also spawn at the original spawn point. Your shrine acts as a shelter for the ones who wish to start afresh or the ones who need to restart after dying.

Wrapping up

We have mentioned various cool Minecraft builds ideas that will help you to receive your creative juices flowing. While working in the survival mode, the list mentioned above will provide you with plenty of base ideas, house builds, and other great build ideas to help you continue enjoying your lovely time in Minecraft. From essential, simple builds to artsy fun build, from survival to inventive, everything is on the list for all Minecraft fans.

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