Despite Compliance, US Officials are Still Trying to Sell TikTok's US Wing

As if the current five-minute time limit isn’t enough, TikTok is extending it to 10 minutes as maximum.

This is touted to induce more ads into the longer videos, thereby earning more revenue. Though the TikTok community earlier said that longer videos are stressful, TikTok doesn’t seem to care. Over the last one and half years, TikTok increased the short video-making time limit multiple times.

A 10-Minute TikTok Video

TikTok’s rise in online entertainment should be respected, as the Chinese platform shook the entire market since it’s launch, and even lured other tech giants to enter with their own clones. With multiple platforms of such today, TikTok is doing everything to keep up it’s market position.

TikTok Increased the Maximum Short-Video Making Time Limit to 10 Minutes

One among them is to increase the short-video making time limit repeatedly over the last one and a half years, to let creators be extra narrative. The platform raised this time limit from one minute to three minutes, and finally at five minutes. As if this isn’t enough, TikTok is now increasing it further to ten minutes!

This is to increase it’s revenue by inducing more ads in the longer videos. The platform has earlier conducted market research on, and realized that “videos longer than a minute long were stressful.” And just a month after this opinion, TikTok increased its minute-long videos to three minutes.

This depicts how desperately the platform is craving for more profits, besides being the No.1 short-video entertainment platform in Appstore for so long. Though TikTok was banned in major countries like India, it still possesses a significant market share in this entertainment segment.

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