TikTok, a short video format app that gained immense popularity over the past two years has surpassed YouTube in terms of average watch time in the United States.

The Chinese app has surprised everyone as it beat giants like Google and Facebook both in terms of downloads and watch time. According to the report by analytic firm App Annie, TikTok surpasses YouTube in terms of average watch time in the US.

 TikTok first surpassed YouTube in terms of download last year in August 2020. Now, in June 2021 it surpassed YouTube in terms of watch time. According to the report, users watched almost 24 hours of content on TikTok monthly. While users spend almost 22 hours and 40 minutes monthly on YouTube.

In the UK, TikTok surpassed YouTube in May 2020 and as of recent reports users in the UK spend nearly 26 hours monthly on The Chinese app. While users in the UK spend almost 16 hours monthly on the Google streaming platform.

Surprisingly, the above-mentioned data is for android users only. This report doesn’t include iOS and other platform data.

This shows how exponentially TikTok has grown over a short period. Most of the app’s success is due to the lockdown imposed globally last year to curb Covid-19. During the lockdown, people were restricted to their homes, and TikTok offers the best time pass and entertainment at that time.

At the start, the byte dance-owned app offered only 15 seconds of video but now users can create a video of up to three minutes.

Due to its Chinese origin, the app has become controversial in many markets globally especially in the United States and India. India banned the app last year and the US also threatened to ban the app if they don’t comply with the government policies.

YouTube which is the second most visited website globally has a user base of 2 billion people compared to the 700 million users of TikTok. Globally the Google-owned video streaming site is still ahead of the Chinese app in terms of watch time due to its massive user base.

The above report contains the data of android users only who are from the United States. It doesn’t contain the data of iOS users, Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) users, and as well as global user data.

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