galaxy s10 slow performance

It gets very frustrating when your Android phone hangs while you either have to make an urgent call or have to book an online ride. Though Galaxy s10 is considered as one of the fastest handsets which Samsung has launched in recent times still sometimes one has to face a glitch or two in the device. To save you from such incidents, it is advised to take proactive measures to rectify galaxy s10 slow performance.

Fixes for galaxy s10 slow performance issue

Close all the applications

When you see your Galaxy S10 working slow or if it starts to freeze while you are working on it then you should stop most of the applications running in the background. Applications when running on a mobile eats up the free space which is the main cause for slow down of the handset. You can easily close the application by clicking on the icons.

On the contrary, if you want to take immediate action in regard to the above context, then you can click the key of recent application. Through this option, one can effectively see all the applications which are running on the handset. You can either choose the applications which you want to turn off or can simply close all the applications at once.

Check for overheating and viruses on your handset

If the issue doesn’t get resolved and you still have to deal with an slow android phone then it is advised to check for overheating and viruses in the mobile phone. More than often, viruses and corrupted files cause hindrance in processing speed of the mobile. One should avoid installing unauthorized applications in his or her mobile handset as they cause more harm than good. It is advised to download applications for your Galaxy s10 from Play store which has genuine applications.

Slow performance of the mobile phone has a direct relation with the heating of the mobile phone. If your mobile phone gets too heated when you use it, then it is advised to check the phone memory and clear obsolete or unwanted files as they create clutter which hinders the smooth performance of the handset. On the contrary, if you do not use your mobile phone much, but still it gets heated up too quickly, then you should run an antivirus on your handset. Mobile phones tend to get heated up when they are either under the attack of virus or when someone else is trying to hack your system down.


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