Top 4 Best Low Budget Laptops Of 2016

Top 4 Best Low Budget Laptops Of 2016

If you’re wondering what are the most popular laptops of the moment a what laptop you may choose and buy for work, school, play or watch movies and surf the Internet, you need to do a research and see what is going to fit your needs.

First of all you’re probably taking in consideration the price. Then, what is most powerful notebook, design, light, with strong autonomy etc. If you need to know what are the best laptop sales market, this is a simple guide to help purchase, not an in-depth analysis of the presented machines.

Best Deals in 2016

If you’re planning to buy a laptop soon, here the 4 best laptops of the moment, if you need an affordable product, that keeps high quality standards.

· Apple MacBook Air (This laptop has Intel Core i5 and SSD 128 Go, Intel HD Graphics 6000, OS X El Capitan);

· Asus Noir (Intel Core i5, 4 Go de RAM, Hard disk 750 Go, Windows 10);

· Acer Aspire (Intel Core i3, 4 Go de RAM, Hard disk 500 Go, Windows 10);

· Lenovo White (This PC has Intel Atom processor, 32 Go SSD, it runs Windows 10).


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