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Have you been looking for some best and reliable PDF converters for the easy conversion of your PDF files or folders?  If yes, then finally you have reached the right destination to acquire the best information about the tools which are extremely popular as the online PDF converter.  You can use different formats to easily convert your PDF document in which we have online service, or using a desktop software program.

Some of the users prefer to utilize the services of online PDF converters but they do have a major drawback in which they have no guarantee over the privacy concerns.  Therefore, choosing windows PDF converter tools is the best option for you.  Here we have a rundown list of the top leading and best tools of PDF converter reviews 2020 which you should be using for your PDF conversion:

  1. Icecream PDF Converter

Icecream PDF Converter has the capacity in which it can easily convert from and into the PDF format.  This tool is offering a wide range of output and input formats in different variations in which we have HTML, DOCX, BMP, EPUB, WMF, MOBI, TIFF and so many more. The program tool has been offering so many more advanced features that make the whole process of conversion so much effortless for you.

It is easy to use and has a beginner-friendly interface that is accessible in almost 20 different languages.  This program is also supporting as in working with the password-protected PDF documents and you can also assign the passwords to the output files as well which are required to be converted in the PDF format.

Icecream PDF Converter is all in all a versatile tool for the easy PDF conversion. It supports different formats as well as languages for quick processing.  You can also use some advanced settings for the highest quality conversion.

  1. SodaPDF

On the second spot, we have the name of SodaPDF which makes it successful for you to perform the file conversion into the PDF format.  This tool will allow you to convert your PDF documents into different formats but conversion to the PDF is not at all supported in this tool. You can have your PDF file to be converted in the formats of images, Word, TXT, Excel, HTML, or Powerpoint.  RTF access conversion is also available.

Besides, while using this tool, you can also use the access of password-protected which is supported in it.  On the whole, we would say that SodaPDF is known out to be a complete suite of PDF major tools where you can perform the conversion of PDF into different formats. The interface has been a lot intuitive and the whole process of conversion is fast enough.

  1. 2pdf.com

On the third spot, we bring for you the name of 2pdf.com!  This has been another top leading tool of the file conversion processing for your PDF files.  By using this tool, you do have a capacity in which you can easily convert your files from PDF to the HTML, DOCX EPUB, TXT, and so on.   The whole process of the conversion will not annoy you at any point in time and it will so smoothly and on the fastest terms.

The only drawback of this free PDF converter tool is that it is not supporting the access of password-protected files at any stage.  It does have the capacity in which it can easily merge up the files all together and hence it will also minimize the pages into the input document which is its plus point.  The overall interface of the tool has been so much friendly.

  1. PDF Maker

PDF Maker is another top recommended tool to convert PDF without any hassle. This tool will help you to convert different images, documents as well as Autocad files which you can convert in the PDF files with great easiness.

This tool is not offering any other feature of access other than the PDF conversion.  But still, it is offering so many formats that are excellent to work with.  All in all, we would say that this the best tool which you need to use right now for the compact PDF Converter in the middle of so many input formats.

  1. doPDF

doPDFis not working as a software, but it is an overall combination of the programs to have your files be opened as PDF.  If you want to print your file, you can select the print option and use your doPDFin the form ofa printer. The software is also offering so many more settings for tweaking just as before the process of conversion.

This tool will allow you to convert your PDF documents into different formats but conversion to the PDF is not at all supported in this tool. You can have your PDF file to be converted in the formats of images, Word, TXT, Excel, HTML, or Powerpoint.

6. Bonus Tool: Canva Converter

Canva, a versatile and user-friendly graphic design platform, stands out with its seamless solution for converting JPG files to PDF. Renowned for its design capabilities, Canva goes the extra mile by offering a convenient features like Online Translator, Draw, JPG to PDF Converter, or even a PDF Editor.

What sets Canva apart is not only its simplicity but also the creative freedom it offers. Beyond the basic conversion, users can enhance their PDFs by adding design elements, text, or other creative features, turning a standard conversion into a personalized and visually appealing document.

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