money making android applications

Everybody wants to earn some extra bucks and the internet has made it easier than before. In this world of internet, you can easily make some extra money online while relaxing on your couch. We are not saying that you will be able to make a living out of that, but still that will be enough to treat yourself.

As we all know we are surrounded by apps. Hundreds of new Android applications are made available on the play store every month. In this increasing list of Android applications, there are many apps which can help you earn money in addition to those which you earn from your regular job. So let’s start without wasting any more time.

Listed below are top 10 money making android applications which can be used by anyone.


money making android applications

You all must be familiar with Amazon. If not, Amazon is one of the largest retailers and you can also use it for selling those stuff which you no longer use. It could be anything from books to furniture, car, etc. What you need to do is sign up for sellers account and lists your products. You can even start a selling business if you are having some free time to manage it properly. Becoming a seller on Amazon is completely free. However, the company charges a small commission of $0.99 for every item you sell. If you are planning to sells tons of items, then it is better to purchase a monthly subscription of $39.99 which will save you from paying any commission.


money making android applications

The second in the list is eBay. eBay is similar to Amazon and I am sure you must have used it before. Here also you will have to create an account and list your products. Then you will have to ship it as soon as you receive an order. You can use eBay to clear out your garage to make money out of useless items.


money making android applications

Offer Up is a very famous app which you can use to sell your used stuff from mobile phones to clothes and much more. Just download the app and add your item with some photos and a description that’s all. Now you can expect to get offers from interested peoples.


money making android applications

Decluttr is an app where you can sell obsolete electronics. From old cell phones to DVD players, gaming consoles, pendrives, and cameras. Overall you can sell every kind of old and dead electronic items and can make some extra cash. What makes this app great is that you can sell items in a single transaction. So go ahead and try it.


money making android applications

Acorns is one of the top investment application available on the play store. With Acrons, you can invest your extra money into an investment portfolio and can earn profit out of that. For micro saving, there is no app better than Acrons.

Google Opinion Rewards

money making android applications

Google Opinion Rewards is owned by Google. This app rewards you with money for your opinion. Here is how you can earn using this app. First, download the free app and create an account. Now Google will ask you some basic questions about yourself. After that Google will send you a question and will ask for your opinions on a wide range of topics. You will earn money for every successful survey. You can earn up to $1 if you are honest with your answers.


money making android applications

Foap is a photo selling app which gives you 50% share of every sold photo. If you are passionate about photography, you can covert this talent into lots of money. Using Foap, you can sell some of your best pictures to web designers, businessmen, and marketers.

A photo is generally sold for $10 on Foap and you get a straight 50% share in your account. It means you will get $5 for every photo.


money making android applications

BookScrouter is a perfect app for you if you are a book lover who is having a good collection of books. On this app, you can sell some of your unwanted books for cash. Download the app from the play store and enter the book name or ISBN. Now the app will show you a list of vendors from which you can choose the one who is paying the highest price. Just ship the book and you will be paid.

Surveys on the Go

money making android applications

It is another amazing app for making online money. Surveys on the Go pays for your opinion. The payments are made through PayPal making it completely safe and secure. Just create a free account and you will receive up to 2 surveys every week and you will be paid accordingly.


money making android applications

The Gigwalk app offers you a number of jobs in your nearby areas. The jobs are temporary and vary in time. However, it has great potential as you can earn up to $100 using it.

These apps will surely help you earn a good amount of money while at home. So why wait, go ahead and give them a try.




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