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MacOS is one of the best-operating platforms in the whole world. Everything becomes just so easy with the help of MacOS. If you own a MacBook or an iMac, one of the best things you enjoy is that their performance is very high for a long period. When you want to do professional work, you can go for high range Mac’s, which will assist you very diligently in completing your work. But even the lower range Mac’s are really powerful machines. Even though most of the low range Mac’s come with i5, they are better than the Windows computers or laptops which have an i5.

Now, one thing that everyone of us wants is that our screen should always look beautiful. So how do you do it? One way is to keep changing the wallpapers which are provided by Apple. But that can be boring in the long term. So the only option that you are left with is to try out other wallpapers and screen saver applications. Mentioned below is a list of the best Mac wallpapers apps.

Top best Mac wallpapers apps

Unsplash Wallpaper

best Mac apps

It is arguably the best wallpaper app for MacBook Pro Retina. There is a chance that you might have already heard about this beautiful application. But if you haven’t and want to check out how good the app is, go to Google and search for the best free stock images. You will see Unsplash at the top of the search results. The website features 10 new images in every 10 days, which are compatible with retina display and are full HD. There are some of the best images on Unsplash, which will make for the best screensavers for your Mac.

The size of the application is just 7.7 MB so you don’t have to worry about having less internal storage on your Mac. In addition to this, the images which will change on your screen won’t be downloaded unless you download them manually yourself. So even the images won’t take any space until you download them. The images will automatically change at regular intervals.

Clock Screensaver For Mac

best wallpapers apps

Padbury Clock screensaver is one of the most classic screensavers for any Mac user. If you keep your Mac switched on most of the time, you will love this application. You have to download this app from Google and then you have to choose it as your default screensaver from the settings. Adjust the time manually yourself for the clock and after that, whenever your Mac goes into screensavers mode, the big classic watch will show in big bold letters.

The only negative for this application is that you can’t download it from the Mac Store. But downloading it from Google isn’t a hard job.

Dribble Screensaver App

best Mac screensaver apps

It is one of the best Mac background apps. It is the kind of application that will change the entire way you look at your Mac. The app comes with a bundle of beautiful screensavers that will make your screen or monitor alive when they are activated. There are so many options from which you can choose, but one thing that is assured, is that every option is unique and beautifully crafted to provide you with an amazing Mac experience. There are no threats or glitches associated with this app so you can download it comfortably without worrying about anything.

Kuvva Wallpapers

Mac wallpapers apps

If you are wondering about Mac wallpaper apps, then you should know about this one. It is a wonderful app which is used by thousands of people all over the world. You should, however, know that it is not free. It comes at a nominal cost of $4.99. The reason why you will be paying for this application is that the developers of the application feel that the artists who are contributing to the application should be paid. This just drives up the quality of the content even more.

The good thing about this application is that you can download it from the Mac Store. The application comes with some of the best images and wallpapers you will ever see. There are free sample works which you can see and verify before you purchase the application.

Wallpaper by Behance

Mac wallpapers apps

It is also one of the most known Mac wallpaper apps. Most of you might have already heard about wallpapers by Behance. Behance is a platform for artists and photographers to showcase their talent. The good thing for the artists is that they can even earn money through their work posted on the website or application. Almost everything that you will see on Behance will be top-notch in quality and will not disappoint you. It is one of the most amazing apps for wallpapers and screensavers that you can use on your Mac.


best wallpapers apps

The Countdown is right away one of the most classic screensaver apps for Mac. If you are someone who tends to forget things in a jiffy, you can just set a countdown to the event and set the clock as the time-saver so that you can see it from time to time and remember how much time is left for the countdown to be over. It shows the days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining.


best Mac wallpapers apps

Aerial is considered as one of the best Mac screensaver apps ever. It is because of the live wallpapers it has. Instead of powering down when you leave your Mac on for some time, this screensaver app will bring your Mac to life. There are some of the best live wallpapers on this application. The only downside to this application is that it is not available on the Mac Store. So you will have to download it from a third party website from Google. Some people fear that when they download apps from a third-party website, it will bring malware onto the computer. But this does not happen with Aerial, so you can comfortably download the app and enjoy it’s utilities.

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