Tor Browser v10.0 Launched to Align With Firefox ESR v78.3
Tor Browser v10.0 Launched to Align With Firefox ESR v78.3

The Tor Team has released a new version of Tor browser yesterday to the lineup with the newly launched Firefox ESR a day before. Since the Tor browser is based on Firefox ESR build, it should be updated independently whenever there’s a change in Firefox ESR. The newly launched Tor browser v10 has bought no new features, but rather a simple hug fix update to align with the Firefox v78.3 ESR.

Tor Browser v10 Launched with Bug Fixes

The Tor browser is touted to be the best one for private browsing since it logs no data and masks your IP in a relay connection network. While it does slow down your loading times due to this lengthy network, it at least gets updated to remove bugs accordingly to the new Firefox ESR build.

Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) is a variant of Mozilla’s Firefox browser, which is specially crafted for enterprises like companies or universities. Since it’s used for more commercial purposes than the general browsing, Mozilla doesn’t care of pushing new features to it. But, it gets security updates more than the regular browser to patch any known bugs, so that the organisation remains safe against cyberattacks.

Mozilla has released the Firefox v78.3 ESR edition on September 22nd, thereby triggering the associated Tor team to make an update too. This led the Tor team to roll out the next version of Tor browser – version 10.0. This can be downloaded from Tor’s download page or the distribution directory.

This new Tor version doesn’t have new features, but fixes for reported bugs like;

  • Tor Browser not displaying correctly in VMWare Fusion of macOS Mojave. (Bug 32252).
  • Omitting Windows default browser agent from the build (Bug 40061).
  • Not using the site’s icon as a window icon in the private mode of Windows (Bug 33855).

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