Turning On Mobile Data Huawei P9

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on Turning On Mobile Data Huawei P9 Smartphone.

Turning Mobile Data On and Off for Huawei P9:

It’s prescribed that when you don’t utilize any applications that are associated with the Internet that you kill or stop the Mobile Data feature on your Huawei P9. This will save data utilization furthermore save your Huawei P9 battery from being depleted due to the steady updating of background applications. The accompanying is a well ordered guide on the best way to now and again switch on/off mobile data for the Huawei P9, read these means beneath:


Turn on your Huawei P9

From the highest point of the menu, swipe down

Select the Settings symbol

Select Data Usage

Alongside Mobile Data, switch the status choice to kill mobile data

Select OK

Alongside the Mobile Data, select the status choice to switch it back on.


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