Tutanota Attacked by a Series of DDoS Attacks, Causes Outage for Hours
Tutanota Attacked by a Series of DDoS Attacks, Causes Outage for Hours

Tutanota, a German encrypted email service provider was attacked by a course of DDoS attacks last week. This led the service inaccessible for its millions of its users for a few hours and restored quickly later. Attackers herein have initially attacked the Tutanota directly, and later targeted its DNS providers to make it hard for the company to shift its domain records.

Tutanota Hit by Continues DDoS Attacks

Tutanota is an encrypted email service that’s often named alongside ProtonMail, another such service. Based in Germany, it has more than two million users and experiences a few hours of outage last week. This is because of a series of DDoS attacks on its infrastructure, that let the service inaccessible for its users.

Initially, Tutanota’s website faced DDoS attack last weekend before September 14th. While the company has quickly settled the issue, an “overreacting IP-block” has caused downtime for hundreds of users. Later, it reported this incident in a blogpost alongside saying that it has strengthened its infrastructure to mitigate or quickly come up from such attacks in future.

But, this wasn’t done yet. Since Tutanota has strengthened its service, attackers started hitting from the other side – its DNS providers. This affected the platform significantly since it failed to shift all the DNS records of its domain to another DNS provider in the mid-way. It said the records were locked up at the affected DNS provider, thus failing the migration and causing the service outage.

The outage happened on Wednesday night, where it left millions of its users inaccessible to their Tutanota accounts for hours. The company said it was able to bring back up all the services by Thursday, September 17th, 7.30 CET. It ensured that no personal data of users were compromised in this incident, but all the emails sent during the outage period were bounced back to the sender.

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