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A couple of months ago, several Twitter users complained about missing tweets after an unexpected refresh of the feed.

This is breaking their reading experience, as Twitter automatically refreshes the feed once they return from idle. But, Twitter is now rolling out a fix to stop this from happening, starting in the web version initially.

Disappearing Tweets

Twitter is one of the highly engaged social platforms, which is used by millions to tweet what’s happening around the world. While some supply information, some append more to it. And this just increases the content that should be consumed.

Yet, we tend to invest a lot of time in learning it. But what if, the feed or a thread you’re reading, just disappears before you’re done? This can be frustrating and break the whole experience. And several Twitter users complained the same.

In September, Twitter users said the tweets are disappearing from the feed after they returned from being idle. This causes Twitter to refresh the content automatically, to show the users’ latest tweets. This shuffling isn’t liked by many, as most are still investing their time on old tweets until they’re completed.

So, Twitter said it will fix this anyway. And it now came up with “click the Tweet counter bar at the top” to refresh the feed manually, so users won’t be missing any tweets until they choose to. This will let them read the tweets as long as they can, and only check new or refreshed feeds after tapping the Twitter counter bar.

This is rolling out to Twitter’s web version now, and my come to other clients soon.

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