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Twitter is now becoming a traditional social media platform by announcing features that are already present on other social media platforms.

Over the past two years or so the company has introduced many features that are already present on its rival Facebook and its sister companies.

Now, the platform is more than just a tweeting service that it used to be previously. It is introducing a feature called “Twitter Communities” which is competing directly with the Facebook Groups. Facebook Group has been on Facebook for a quite long time. Similar to the group feature, users can create communities and invite people of similar interests. People can also join communities of similar interest and tweets based on the topic of discussion.

Once available for all users, community creators have the option to invite unlimited users to the community. Users in the community can tweet in the community and they also have the option to set their tweets exclusive to the community members. If they do so their tweets will only be shown to the members of the community. All the tweets will appear on the news feed of the community member and they can interact with the tweet accordingly. Just like the groups, communities are also visible to the general public but only the members can interact and participate in the community.

At moment the feature is not available for everyone. Users will get this feature gradually and it is an invite-only option currently. Users can send the join request to the creator at the moment. Creators can send the invitation link to others and they can become the member with the help of the joining link.

Currently, there are few communities on the platform which are also available for a handful of people. There will be more communities soon once the feature is available for everyone. Those who want to create their own communities can apply through the platform’s website.

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