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Another day, another Twitter news. As mentioned in my previous article that Twitter is becoming the traditional Social media by adopting most of the Facebook features.

This time the tweeting platform is working on emoji reactions just like we have on Facebook. At the moment users can like someone’s tweet which might be simple or boring. Emoji reaction will bring users feeling towards the tweet or the media on the platform.

The feature is currently being tested for users in Turkey with few emojis. These emojis are “Thinking Face”,” Crying Face”, “Clapping Hands”, “Face with Tears of Joy” and a “Hearts” emoji.

Twitter said today that the testing of emojis is for a limited time and they might make it available to users in other countries as well depending on the user’s response.

Emoji reactions will offer users more options to interact with the tweet and express their feelings towards the content. It also gives users the impression of what other people feel about their tweets.

Just like Facebook, emojis on tweets can be accessed through the long press on the like button. While the simple tap on the like button will just like the tweet normally.

Earlier this year the news emerged that Twitter might include the emojis reaction as some users were surveyed about this feature.

This feature is already present in Twitter’s direct message but not for the tweets. Facebook has had this feature for quite a long time. Interestingly there are no negative emojis being tested for the tweets just like we have on Facebook. There is no “Angry Face” emoji or any “Thumbs Down” emoji which gives a negative feeling about the tweets.

via: Twitter

According to the platform, they didn’t choose the negative emoji because of the survey they did with the people regarding the emojis. In the survey, they found out that people “were concerned about receiving negative reactions to some of their thoughts.” That is a genuine reason to worry about as there are so many toxic and annoying people on the platform.

However, the emojis that are currently being tested indicate the most common feelings users have while reading the tweets.

This feature is currently available for users in Turkey. If you live in Turkey then you can test this feature in the coming days on iOS, Android as well as on the Web.
via: The Verge

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