Twitter Bans Live Location Sharing of Others

As the censorship grows amid Russia vs Ukraine conflict, Twitter has come up with a reliable solution for it’s users in suppressed nations – a Twitter Tor site!

Alec Muffett, a Tor professional has announced the launch of Twitter’s Tor website yesterday, which will let anyone with access to the internet access Twitter as usual, and in a more secure way. The onion site adds several layers of security needed by the users who’re under scrutiny.

Twitter’s Tor Website

Twitter is one among many social media platforms that are aggressively working on fighting against misinformation. The platform has launched several tools and added dedicated teams to constantly monitor misinformation, and act on it. And these services have become much more important amidst the war situation between Ukraine and Russia.

Twitter last month said that some of the Russian users are facing issues in accessing their platform, and it’s justifiable since their country’s government is highly restricting the access. Thus, the company has now come up with a reliable solution – by making a Tor version of its platform.

This was announced by Alec Muffett on Tuesday morning, a cybersecurity expert who in past built Tor websites for The New York Times and Facebook. He aided Twitter engineers to make their own onion site, and be available to all.

He said this will be “providing greater privacy, integrity, trust, & ‘unblockability’ for people all around the world who use @Twitter to communicate.” Twitter’s Tor website is censorship-resistant, which will let users around the world access the platform even if government officials wanted to prevent that.

Using the Tor browser for accessing websites is highly recommended if you care about privacy and are resisted by censorship since Tor uses a number of random servers to route your traffic and hide your IP address. This masking feature may make the accessing slow, but it’s needed for absolute private browsing.

When Mashable asked Twitter about it’s launch of onion counterpart, a company spokesperson responded as;

“Making our service more accessible is an ongoing priority for us,” and pointed towards a list of browsers that Twitter supports, which now includes the Tor browser.

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