The Twitter Notes is in development and will launch in the coming months. The feature will let users share long articles as content. The new feature has been in development with a few select users and will widely launch for all users once the initial testing is done.

The feature was initially called Twitter Articles but now the company has confirmed that this new feature is called Twitter Notes and will launch soon. The feature will allow users to share their thoughts in long-form articles. For Tweets, Twitter has set a maximum limit of 280 characters but with Twitter Notes there is no limit of characters as of now. As of now, Twitter offers a thread feature for those users who want to share in-depth details and exceed the 280-character limit set by the platform.

As reported by Tech crunch, the Twitter Notes feature is in development with a few select users in Canada, the UK, the US, and Ghana. An app researcher Jane Manchun spotted this feature in February of this year when it was called Twitter Articles. The feature will allow users to share long-form posts on the platform and can also share that posts with the general public.

Another app researcher Nima Owji also hinted that this feature is coming as he shared a screenshot suggesting that the platform will allow users to share in-depth posts and can also create the link to that post and share it on the web.

There were some previous reports and leaks that the platform is working on such a kind of feature but nothing was confirmed from the company at that time. However, Twitter has officially confirmed that they are working on this feature and how this feature will work for users when available globally for everyone.

The company confirmed via an official tweet that the feature is indeed coming. The company shared two separate Gifs in a tweet where they explained how this feature will work. The feature is simple as users need to click on the write option in the side menu and then start writing their thoughts and then embed their posts into their tweets.

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