Twitter replicates TikTok and introduced a vertical-style video. Over the past few years, we have seen immense popularity of TikTok, especially during the Covid-19 days. TikTok’s popularity forced many popular social media platforms to bring their own version of short-form videos by copying the TikTok formula. These platforms include Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Snack videos, like, and many more.

Now, Twitter just followed the trend and brought a TikTok-style full-page vertical video player to it’s platform. In a blog post, the company said that they update their video player to be “immersive”. That means by just tapping on any video, the video will open a full-page vertical video player like TikTok and users can scroll up to view more engaging videos. In an immersive view, users will still be able to like, share, and comment on videos like normally.

To exit the video players, users need to tap on the back button or use the back gesture to go back to the main feed. The new immersive video player is available for iOS users only as of now and it will reach Android users globally soon.

Also, Twitter has added a video carousel in the explore tab where users can see the most shared and popular videos on the platform. The carousel video option is available for a limited number of users on both iOS and Android in select countries and it will be available for global users soon.

The new video format is interesting and it gain popularity over the years but many platforms faced backlash from their users for introducing TikTok-style videos. Instagram faced a severe backlash when they tried to make every video, an Instagram reel. And then they have to reverse their decision of making every video to Reels. Similarly, there is a chance that Twitter might also face criticism over it’s decision to bring an immersive video player, and copy TikTok. We have to see how users give feedback on this new feature when it is widely available for all soon.

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