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Twitter’s reply to Clubhouse – Spaces is finally letting all users host their own audio chat rooms now.

Twitter Spaces is available only to a few users since launch and is now rolling to everyone. Users can host a dedicated audio room, set a ticket for outsiders to enter and hear, appoint co-hosts, and add speakers.

Twitter Audio-Only Chat Rooms

Last year, we’ve seen the rise of a new sensation in the social media industry – Clubhouse. The audio-only chat room concept has shaken the communication industry, as many top tech companies have followed its path and created their own clone for Clubhouse.

In term of Twitter, it’s called Spaces. Twitter introduced Spaces last year, with limited features and only for a group of people. Though it said the wider rollout of this will happen in April this year, the month has come and passed without any update.

But now, it’s finally rolling support for hosting Spaces by anyone, including all the new features. If you’re running on the latest version of Twitter iOS and Android client, tap on Create button to see Spaces as part of the options, alongside Photos, GIF, or the regular Tweet.

Clicking on Spaces will open a form asking you to set a title for the new audio room, and choose up to 3 topics defining your Space. These could be Business & finance, Music, Sports, Technology, Gaming, World News, Entertainment, Art & Culture, Careers, and Home & family.

Once selected and hit Create, you’ll soon see your Space going live and options for inviting others into it. If it’s your first time creating a Space, you’ll be asked to test the mic beforehand. Once in, you can add co-hosts and up to 10 other speakers. Plus, there’s an option to monetize your conversation by ticketing the entrance to your Space.

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