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Twitter will now ask users to confirm whether they wanted to like a tweet or not. This applies to all users when they’re about to hit a like on a labeled tweet. Earlier, Twitter said to be marking labels on tweets that may seem potentially misleading and will ask users to confirm before retweeting them. And now, this extends to like them also.

Be Sure Before Liking Tweets!

Just like any other social media platform, Twitter too has been a ground for spamming users and spreading misinformation for a long. The company has promised to introduce tools for fighting such misinformation and did fulfill them to an extent.

Twitter’s been sticking warning labels on Tweets that may have unverified data, and ask users for confirmation before retweeting them. These are being applied on the election and COVID-19 tweets lately. Also, it has dragged Twitter into a direct controversy with Donald Trump, as some of his tweets were labeled for misinformation.

And now, it’s taking a step further by warning users on liking such tweets. It said that implementing such warning labels has decreased by about 29% of misleading quoted tweeting, thus now expanding to liking them even. Twitter hopes these warnings may let users re-think their actions, and be done only if they’re sure.

Twitter marks a tweet as Disputed when they seem so. Tweets regarding the recent 2020 Us elections and COVID-19 have gone so out-of-control since they’re manipulating users and having unwanted physical outcomes. Twitter’s been explaining why it’s even labeling some tweets as disputed too, with Trump’s tweets labeled for violating the Civic Integrity Policy.

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