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Twitter now allows the host to record spaces on both iOS and Android, the company announced in a tweet. The host can record the space they are hosting and the audio will be available publicly on their accounts. Users need to turn the toggle “record space” on before the start of the space to record the audio.

After the space ends, the recording will be publicly available on the host profile and will remain there for 30 days. Listeners and other speakers will also be notified when a space is being recorded. Everyone in the space will see a recording icon at the top indicating that the space is being recorded.

The host can delete the space recording from their profiles at any time after the space is completed and the company will keep the recording for up to 120 days.

Last year in October, Twitter started testing this feature for a limited number of users that are hosting spaces. The company also promised that this feature will widely be available for everyone soon after the testing completes. Popular social media is continuously adding many features to spaces that are inspired by Clubhouse that gained popularity during the lockdown in 2020. Recently the company removed the restriction of hosting space and allows everyone on its platform to host a space regardless of the number of followers. At the start, only users with more than 600 followers can host a space. Now, this limitation is removed and everyone can host a space at any time.

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