Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to remove followers without blocking them permanently. Previously you have to block users if you want to remove them from your follower’s list but that’s now going to change with this new feature.

This new feature is called “Remove this follower” and will be available soon on the social media platform for everyone. If you remove someone from your follower list then they will not be able to see your tweets again on their news feed.

Once it is available for users, users can see a new three-dot icon next to the following button on a followers list. Users will see a “remove this follower” option once they tap on that three-dot icon. With this, they can remove someone from their follower’s list without having them blocked permanently.

It reduces the extra steps you performed previously to remove someone from your follower list as you have to block them permanently.

It is a welcome addition to the social media platform as it gives users more control over their follower list. Users can now easily manage their followers and can remove annoying people from their list.

Over the years or so, social media platforms have introduced many new features to increase the privacy of users and enhance the user experience.

Twitter is already working on “Safety Mode” and this feature is part of that. Safety Mode automatically blocks tweets and accounts from harassers who are using annoying, irritating, foul, or abusive language on the platform.

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