How To Update Android Tablet Devices Or Android Smartphones

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Update Android Tablet Devices Or Android Smartphones.


Go to Settings

Navigate down and tap About smartphone (About tablet, About device)

You will see an extensive variety of data with respect to your gadget, including Android version.

On the off chance that you possess a more later smartphone model, you may have the most recent Android version accessible for it. Then again, proprietors of more up to date smartphones, and smartphones that are in the top of the line classification can expect the most recent version with amazing features coming their direction. Nexus gadgets get the Android update first.

Before You Update Android

There are two or three things to do before you update Android. They are:

Charge your Android smartphone or tablet.

Bear in mind to back up your information. Android update won’t erase your files, yet in the event that the update goes bad, you need your information to be backed up.

establish a connection to an available Wi-Fi.

To update Android. Take after the progressions beneath:

Go to Settings

Navigate down and tap about smartphone (About tablet, About gadget)

You will see Software update or System update at the top. Tap on it. Your gadget will begin looking for the update (On some Android smartphones and tablets, there might be an extra stride and you may need to tap Check for update or Online update).

On the off chance that Android update is accessible, you will be inquired as to whether you need to download and install it. Select Yes. Your gadget will download and install the most recent Android software update, and it will reboot.


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