US Attorneys General Sue Google For Deceptive Location Tracking

Based on the allegation from the 2020 lawsuit of Arizona’s state attorney general, Google is accused of deceiving Android users in many ways, in order to get more information from them.

This includes obtaining the location tracking details, which a group of state attorneys general in the US says that Google is squeezing the data even though users barred it from doing so. A Google spokesperson has denied these allegations, saying they’re baseless.

Google Tracking Location Data

US Attorneys General Sue Google For Deceptive Location Tracking

Just when we’re feeling happy that Google is abandoning the cookie tracking, we regret to know that Google is tracking us anyway, through unknown means. Allegations of such have been for a long time, with the popular one coming from The Associated Press in 2018, saying that Google is tracking users on iPhone and Android even though they’re restricted by users through settings.

A couple of years later, Arizona’s state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Google for tracking users’ location data through various deceptive means. And now, this routine is followed by four other attorneys general (DC, Washington, Texas, and Indiana) in their own jurisdictions.

As per their filings (12), Google is found to be using deceptive tactics and repeatedly pushing users into providing their location data. To which, most users share the location data out of frustration or inadvertently, accuse petitioners.

A Google spokesperson has responded to this by denying the allegations, and said they have in fact provided more innovative tools to let people handle their privacy better. This includes the rollout of automatic deletion of location data, he stated. Further,

“The attorneys general are bringing cases based on inaccurate claims and outdated assertions about our settings”.

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