US DoJ Shut Down a Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Website That's Stealing Data

The US Department of Justice has shut down a malicious website, that’s claiming to provide COVID-19 vaccines for free after filling a form. The form, in general, is a phishing document for stealing data and also carries malware payload for infecting the visitors’ systems. Cybersecurity experts and law enforcement warn about hundreds or even thousands of such websites in wild.

Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Website in Wild

US DoJ Shut Down a Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Website That's Stealing Data

A website named was shut down by the US Department of Justice after being reported by HSI Intellectual Property Rights Center and the HSI Cyber Crimes Center. They have surfaced the operation of this fake website, which is claiming to provide free vaccines to the ones who register.

The website was found to be created in Strasbourg, Germany, with the registration actually done in Russia. It works by luring the visitors into providing the details, so they can get supply the free COVID-19 vaccine from the government. And to the trust of visitors, it has pasted the logos of prominent healthcare bodies like Pfizer, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

It asks the visitors to download the registration form (in PDF), fill it and upload it back to the site. While the form is a phishing one meant for stealing sensitive data, it’s also found that it carries a malware payload. Once into the system, it can possibly perform other malicious operations.

The site was created on April 27th and now carries a seizure banner from the Department of Justice. It’s unknown how many people have fallen victim to this campaign yet. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a blessing for the fraudsters, who leveraged various social engineering techniques to loot people in many ways since the inception.

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