Vivo X30 First Look Screen Leaks Shows Thin Bezels

A new outlook of the Vivo X30 has just surfaced, and it shows the same design as the leak that popped up before with thin bezels. Having said that, this design is maybe slightly different from the designs that surfaced earlier, as it does not sport a notch on the display as far as we can tell from the photo but please do remember that this is alleged, and the bezels are considerably thinner altogether. With that said, if the design turns out exactly how we are seeing it, then this smartphone could end up sporting the highest screen-to-body ratio to date, as its bezels are extremely thin all around, the thinnest bezel is the bottom one, but it’s only a hair thicker than the rest of them.

However we cannot really see the phone’s camera, or its earpiece, and this outlook of the design leak does seem a bit fishy, as this smartphone may look too good to be true, but it’s the latest leak to date, and who knows, it may even end up being true. It is also possible that the smartphone comes with a rotatable camera, as the design of its backplate has not been released as yet, assuming an earpiece could be placed at the top of the phone, who knows.

As you can see, the display on this smartphone comes with rounded corners, and a physical key seems to be available both on the right and on the left, but that’s pretty much it, that’s the only visible physical buttons available from what we are seeing. Now, this might be the upcoming Vivo X30 smartphone, but please keep in mind that Vivo will name it differently.

Let us assume this is the Vivo X30, though. The Vivo X20 was announced back in September along with its sibling, the Vivo X20 Plus. Later on, Vivo announced the Vivo X20 Plus UD, world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner, so it’s safe to assume that the Vivo X30 will also include an in-display fingerprint scanner. The device will probably come with at least 4GB of RAM, though chances are that it will include 6GB of RAM on the inside.


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