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E-commerce giant Amazon is shutting down its global website ranking system on 1st May 2022.

Alexa was started in the year 1996 and later bought by Amazon in the year 1999. Fifteen years later the E-commerce giant started its popular voice assistant of the same name. Alexa was designed to analyze websites traffic and list the popular websites according to their global and country-wise ranking.

Alexa is currently the best tool to monitor website traffic. The company obtains the traffic data from the users who use its browser extension which is available for free for all major browsers. Also, they collect data from the websites that are registered on their service and those who use their paid SEO tool.

The website also provides SEO analytics and insights for the monthly paid subscription. Now, the Seattle headquartered company has decided to shut down its popular website ranking service on 1st May 2022 a month before its twenty-fifth anniversary.

The said in the announcement:

“Twenty-five years ago, we founded Alexa Internet. After two decades of helping you find, reach, and convert your digital audience, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire on May 1, 2022. Thank you for making us your go-to resource for content research, competitive analysis, keyword research, and so much more.”

Amazon didn’t mention the exact reason for shutting down Alexa but the bleeping computer states that Alex’s traffic kept on declining over the past decade as data from SEMrush shows.

These days, websites owner also didn’t show as much interest in Alexa’s website ranking so this might also be the reason that Amazon wants to shut down its service.

With the announcement, Amazon also stop registering new users for its Alexa paid subscription. Already registered users will be able to use all the services until 1st May 2022. After that, users won’t be able to use any website ranking tool as well as SEO tools on this service. However, they will have the option to export their existing data on the service if they want.

If you use this service to monitor your website traffic then there are a few alternatives that you can use. These are SimilarWeb, ComScore, and Tranco.

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