WeChat Under Fire For Terminating Australian Prime Minister's Account

Last week, WeChat has added one more government this week to hate it – Australia. And this is due to allegedly terminating the WeChat account of the Australian Prime Minister.

The Chinese communication and payment platform is accused by several Australian government officials of the above incident and is demanding a reasonable explanation. Until then, few have vouched to stop using their WeChat accounts in protest.

Terminating the Prime Minister’s Account

WeChat Under Fire For Terminating Australian Prime Minister's Account

Social media platforms are often targeted by authorities for various reasons. For instance, some like Twitter and Facebook are always under accusations for not taking enough measures to counter misinformation amplified on their platforms, and acting on accounts that spread them.

But when they do, they are criticized based on their intentions. WeChat, for example, is now under fire from the Australian government for blocking the account of Australian Prime Minister – Scott Morrison last week. And this comes after he faced several issues earlier.

This action by WeChat triggered furious responses from several officials in the Australian parliament, including Gladys Liu – a liberal representative who accused WeChat of blocking the Prime Minister’s account and leaving “Anthony Albanese’s account (which) is still active featuring posts criticizing the government.”

She went on alleging WeChat for such actions and demanding the platform to respond with a reasonable explanation regarding this. Until then, she vouched to stop using her both official and personal WeChat accounts. And, she even asked other officials including the leader of the opposition, Anthony Albanese to do the same.

She said that actions from WeChat cannot be entertained, especially during the election year of such. Talking on the same issue, Stuart Robert, the Minister responsible for digital transformation – said to The Today Show “It is odd, and of course, the Prime Minister’s office is seeking to connect through to them to work out and get it resolved.”

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