difficulties in downloading files from Google drive

Google drive is powerful file storage and sharing drive which can be accessed from multiple devices. It was developed by Google with a view of making a file accessible from any device and location. It is a cloud-based service using which a user can store his files to the powerful Google’s server and then can download and use it anytime. In addition to that, one can also share the same with other people.

Google Drive is safe, secure and easy to use. However, it still has some problem and the most common one is difficulties in downloading files from the Google drive. So here is how you can fix it.

Fixes for Google Drive Won’t Download Files

Check the internet

The first thing you should do is check if your internet is working properly. Google Drive doesn’t work smoothly if your internet is very slow or unstable. So check your internet speed and switch networks if you are using a Wi-Fi connection.

Reinstalling the App

If you are using Google Drive’s official app which is Backup & Sync on your PC, it is recommended to try reinstalling it. Sometimes the problem is with the application which doesn’t allow you to download files from Google Drive. Go to control panel and uninstall the application from your PC. Now download the latest version of Backup & Sync from the web and install it. This might fix the downloading issue.

Using Incognito window

 difficulties in downloading files from Google drive

If you are accessing Google Drive via a web browser try opening the drive on a private window. The benefit of using private window is that it doesn’t use any of your saved cookies which might be causing the problem in your case.

To open a private window on a web browser use the following key combination (Ctrl+Shift+N)

Clearing browsing history

Your browser saves a lot of data like cookies and cache to make your everyday web browsing faster. However, in some cases, the saved cookies and cache files get corrupted or damaged and affect the browser’s performance. Thus if you are facing the problem even after using a private window, it’s the time to clear the saved data of your browser.

To do this:

  1. Open the web browser and Go to History.
  2. Now click on Clear Browsing Data from the left side menu.
  3. Select “All time” in the time range and then click on Clear Data button.
  4. This will delete all the saved data.

Now try downloading the file again.

Use another browser

If the previous method doesn’t work try using a different browser to access your Google Drive account. When talking web browsers Google Chrome and Opera mini work great. But you can try other options like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, etc.

Check if the File is damaged

Sometimes the problem is with the file and not your browser or Google Drive App. The file you are trying to download might be corrupted or damaged and that is why you are unable to download it from the Google drive. So check for such issues.


One of the above-listed methods will surely work and will fix the download issue with Google drive. If not try other basic things like signing out of your account, using a different device for accessing the file, etc.


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