WhatsApp is stepping up its efforts to close the gap between businesses and users, by inducing options for finding nearby shops within the app.

As per reports, WhatsApp has added a new section called Businesses Nearby in the app, for letting users search nearby shops. This is currently available for testing in Sao Paulo and may come to other regions soon.

New Light on WhatsApp Businesses

For years, WhatsApp has just remained as an instant messenger service, with no other purposes to pursue. But now, the platform is forced to explore new streams as the competition has heated up.

Rivals like Telegram and Signal are inducing more and more features onto their platforms, luring the static WhatsApp users to try their services. So to keep up with them, WhatsApp is rapidly rolling out new features and support for new technologies, other than just chatting.

In this pursuit, the Meta-owned platform has rolled out a Payments service in India, based on UPI which is being used by millions of people today. And now, it’s expanding the Shops feature within. As of now, businesses registered on WhatsApp can set up their custom profile with products in a catalog mode, and check their contact and location details.

Now, it’s letting people find nearby businesses within the app and access their services. As seen by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp has added a new section in the search option as “Businesses Nearby”, where preferences like restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, apparel shops, etc are referenced.

Businesses Nearby in WhatsApp
Businesses Nearby in WhatsApp

Users can select any of the categories and type in the related name to find a nearby business of such, and shop their products. This support is available for users in Sao Paulo, who received the business directory update earlier. So in case, WhatsApp is rolling this support to others, it will add the business directory initially, and add the search support later.

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